Using Social Media To Measure Event Engagement


Retailers are increasingly turning to social media as a tool to determine how the public perceives their brand. A recent report from Boston Retail Partners revealed that 59% of retailers utilize social media comments as a means to track customer satisfaction, while 60% capture customer feedback and insights from social media and online comments.

Social media also provides companies with real-time feedback when hosting an event. For example, online media monitoring platform Visibrain recently hosted its Social Media Week event in London. During the event, the company used its own tool to monitor the discussion attendees had on social media. The results showed that 1,965 users mentioned the event on social media — using the hashtag #SMWLND — a total of 6,788 times.

Visibrain’s media monitoring tool is designed to help PR and communications professionals monitor their brand, deal with online PR crises and detect emerging trends and influencers. The technology aggregates online press, blogs and social media posts to help companies stay on top of online activity.


The tool also revealed the most mentioned buzzwords of the event, which include:

  • Content (503 tweets);
  • Brand (303 tweets);
  • Data (172 tweets);
  • Engagement (110 tweets); and
  • Storytelling (108 tweets). 



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