TurnTo Unveils Free Review Syndication Network

1turntoTurnTo Networks has announced its Open Review Syndication network is now available for free, to brands that are sharing product review content to the network or to merchants using TurnTo’s Customer Content Platform to display the reviews.  

The Open Review Syndication network is designed to enable brands to share their reviews without an integration, at no cost. This approach enables merchants using TurnTo access to more syndicated product reviews from a wider range of brands.

“Making syndication free to brands doesn’t just save them money, it changes the whole syndication equation,” said George Eberstadt, CEO of TurnTo in a statement. “By removing all of the friction that keeps brands from participating — cost and technical — we are expanding our syndication network to include the greatest number of content sources.  This means that merchants using the TurnTo network have access to the largest volume of syndicated reviews from the greatest number of brands.  Further, free syndication is beneficial for the relationship between merchants and their suppliers; by using TurnTo, merchants remove a cost burden from their brand partners.”

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