Startup Lets Shoppers Rent High-End Fashion

Premium fashion rental platform Tulerie has completed its beta testing, delivering a social app that allows shoppers to extend their wardrobes by renting high-end clothes from others.

Tulerie co-founders Merri Smith and Violet Gross have a two-pronged mission: to combat the fast-fashion trend and to give more women access to high-end garments that are outside of their budgets.

“Most people can buy a few key investment pieces, but then they turn to consignment shops for luxury brands,” said Merri in a statement. “And even through consignment, it’s still really expensive. You’re going to pay 60% of the retail value for used pieces. So, if you’re buying something that retails at $5,000, it’s still going to be beyond most people’s reach. But if you’re able to borrow it for a temporary period, that experience suddenly becomes a lot more accessible.”


Once approved on Tulerie’s invitation-only program, users can browse items on the app by type, size, color and designer, just as they would on an e-Commerce site. After a transaction is completed, Tulerie encourages both borrowers and users to review their experience.

The company has a “three-strike” policy for users who break established rules or return items late. The Tulerie app, which is integrated with shipping logistics and payment processing, sends users automated email reminders and push notifications.



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