Mobile Discounts Draw 67% Of Shoppers To A Store, Yet Most Retailers Still Don’t Offer Them

While 67% of shoppers say they are likely to choose a retailer that offers mobile coupons over one that doesn’t offer them, only 40% of retailers indicate that offering coupons or discounts is a key feature of their mobile offering, according to BRP.

In the BRP special report, titled: The Mobilization of Retail, the features retailers highlight most often include:

  • Item availability/visibility (53%);
  • Product information (51%);
  • Customer service (47%); and
  • Loyalty/rewards (33%).

Up to 41% of retailers say refining the mobile shopping experience is a top priority for ensuring they meet customers’ expectations, and there’s still plenty of room to make the mobile shopping experience better. For example, 53% of retailers have implemented suggestive selling/product recommendations but say the feature needs improvement. only 9% have implemented them and say they’re working well.


Even their mobile web site and mobile app, which are the top two implemented capabilities retailers say have been working well (at 26% and 21% respectively) have a long way to go. As many as 42% think their site needs improvement, while 26% admit their app could be better.

The next step for retailers — one they still haven’t been able to accomplish outside of select areas — is using mobile technology to identify customers when they walk into the store. Even with limited deployments of such solutions, a large proportion of consumers — 39% — already are comfortable with the concept of retailers using mobile identification to personalize their in-store experience.

The most prevalent technologies that retailers are currently using to identify customers are WiFi (19%), and beacons (9%), with 19% of retailers using other technologies, although in all cases there is much room for improvement. In fact, only 5% say WiFi works well in identifying shoppers in-store. Within two years, 61% of retailers plan to use WiFi, 42% plan to use beacons, and 55% plan to use other technologies for mobile customer identification.

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