Listrak Launches Visual Analytics Platform For More Effective Email Marketing

Listrak, an email marketing solutions provider, announced the launch of Listrak 5.0, a visual e-Commerce analytics platform that helps marketers reduce creative design time, more easily segment and reach target customers, and correlate revenues with specific email marketing campaigns.

The redesigned platform features Listrak’s new Customer Lifecycle Grid, a visual analytics dashboard which employs past order history and click-stream data to produce an at-a-glance segmentation of customer shopping behavior. This feature helps drive increased customer lifetime value and prolonged subscriber, and is the first content management and analytics application of its kind in the industry, according to a Listrak press release.

Customer Lifecycle Grid categories range from best customers (shoppers purchasing several times recently) to latent customers (those purchasing once or twice but not recently). The customer segmentation grid is designed to help marketers visualize which products are creating the most loyal customers, monitor shopping behaviors, and deliver targeted messages at the right point in the customer lifecycle. For example, as a customer shifts into the grid’s latent category, Listrak 5.0 will recommend a discount offer to help prevent the customer from lapsing further, and email the offer automatically.


According to the Listrak press release, this year U.S. online shoppers will spend $224.2 billion, up 15.4% from $194.3 billion in 2011 (per eMarketer). Online retail is expected to grow to $324 billion by 2016 (per Forrester). And since nearly 80% of online shoppers only purchase from an eTailer once, with less than one quarter of shoppers returning, online retailers are leaving a lot of money on the table, which effective email marketing can help recoup.

With Listrak 5.0’s Customer Lifecycle Grid, “we have developed one of the most intelligent customer behavior trackers” for email marketing effectiveness, said Ross Kramer, President and CEO of Listrak, in a company press release. “This platform will transform the way our clients conduct email marketing.”

Listrak 5.0 currently is in beta testing and will launch officially at the end of August 2012.



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