L’Occitane Goes Mobile With Curated Retail Truck

Retailers are flexing their creativity in pursuit of the ultimate experiential shopping format. To this end L’Occitane has launched the L’Occi truck, a vintage French Citroën H Van that will provide a direct-to-consumer experience to shoppers across the U.S.

The mobile store will feature a curated assortment of products tailored to the regions it visits, giving customers a chance to try out samples from its foldable display counter. The truck will be accompanied by Beauty Associates who will guide shoppers and provide them with exclusive demonstrations.

The store on wheels will make stops in areas that have a brick-and-mortar L’Occitane presence as well as those without one, and make appearances at events that coincide with the retailer’s brand. Additionally, the truck will serve as a temporary outlet for L’Occitane stores that close for renovations.


L’Occitane isn’t the first retailer to put its sales team on the move. M.Gemi, an e-Commerce Italian shoe retailer, drove a gelato truck along the East Coast in the summer of 2017, giving shoppers the opportunity to taste gelato and test drive a Fiat as well as order shoes, according to MassLive.

Tommy Bahama introduced Airstream trailers for use as marketing vehicles, but they became so popular the retailer began selling them to shoppers. Several other retailers have been using Airstreams as pop-ups or mobile marketing units, while Alton Lane and Kit and Ace use the trailers to scout locations for potential store openings.



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