DTC Brand Freshly Cosmetics Opens Second Brick-and-Mortar Store

Natural beauty brand Freshly Cosmetics has opened a flagship store in Madrid, designed by strategic and creative consultancy CuldeSac. The approximately 1,000-square-foot space marks the online brand’s second physical store, continuing its foray into brick-and-mortar following the success of its first location in Barcelona, Spain.

The space is designed as an evolution of the Barcelona store and incorporates Freshly’s iconic curve to reflect the brand’s personality. CuldeSac’s goal was to translate Freshly Cosmetics’ online presence into a physical incarnation and touch point for its 500,000 followers.

The store’s façade is divided into three sections, including a central showcase serving as a call to action, which is flanked by two entrances. On the right, shoppers enter through the Freshly products area, turning around the curve to interact with them. On the left, visitors “meet” the brand’s new makeup line, Identy. A large canvas hanging from the ceiling welcomes shoppers, while a tiered seating area acts as a meeting point inside the store for them to sit down and charge their phone, or to watch the rear video wall projections showcasing the brand’s new products.

The octagonal space takes shoppers on a journey featuring both brands (Freshly and Identy), mixing different forms of signage and messaging. The curves in the space create an organic route for traffic flow with two squares that serve as areas for customers to interact with products from both lines. In the Freshly area, the firm reproduced the design from the Barcelona store. For Identy, CuldeSac created a spatial identity from scratch, featuring a display system that showcases products in an elevated and orderly way.


Greenery interspersed throughout the space gives a nod to the brand’s ecological background, while a back terrace introduces lighting and more color.

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