Consumers View More Videos On Tablets

Consumers are viewing videos on their mobile devices more frequently, particularly on tablets, according to Rhythm NewMedia. In its recent Q1 2012 report, which highlights this shift in video tablet use, the company revealed data points from its study of ads served across iPhones, iPod Touch, Android and other devices in the U.S. market.

Rhythm NewMedia explored premium media properties, defined as the apps and mobile web sites from companies such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. Although smartphones represent 79% of total video minutes viewed in Rhythm’s collection of premium properties, 50% to 175% more viewing occurs on tablets than on smartphones. “With the development of faster connections through Wi-Fi and 4G, sharper screens, higher capacity batteries and availability of content that consumers love, the trend of consumers watching video content on mobile is going to continue its tremendous growth,” said Lisa Abramson, Marketing Director, Rhythm NewMedia, in a Mobile Marketer article. “Consumers increasingly desire to watch their favorite shows and clips on their time and on the go. It makes sense that mobile advertising performs better when utilizing social media calls-to-action.”

Social media is now a required part of any advertising, since consumers are less trusting of brands and increasingly more trusting of their friends and family’s opinions, said Abramson. “Mobile devices take advantage of this change in trust because they are extremely personal and social in nature,” she said. “They are always with us and are our gateways to connecting with friends and family through text, calls or instant social media updates.”


According to the Rhythm NewMedia study, social media buttons boost engagement by 64% for interactive in-stream mobile video ads, categorized as ads that appear within video context that function as a commercial break in full episodes or before video clips. These types of video ads outperform those online, with an 89% completion rate. In Q1 2012, 93% of campaigns running with Rhythm included In-Stream mobile video advertising.

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