Build-A-Bear Will Host ‘Pay Your Age Day’ Event On July 12

Build-A-Bear  Will Host ‘Pay Your Age Day’ Event On July 12

In celebration of the launch of the "Count Your Candles" birthday experience, Build-A-Bear Workshop will host its first-ever Pay Your Age Day event on July 12.

As part of the one-day deal, customers who visit a store that day can pay their current age, in dollars (U.S. and Canada stores) and pounds (UK stores), for any Make-Your-Own furry animals available in the store.

The event takes advantage of the fact that Build-A-Bear Workshop drives significant business from shopper birthdays. Nearly one-third of the company’s sales are associated with birthdays, according to a statement from Sharon Price John, President and CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop.

To participate in the offer, customers must be enrolled in the company’s Bonus Club or enroll the day of. Registration is free. Guests can expect to pay from $1 to $29 for one of the furry animals — adults older than 29 years old will not have to pay more than $29. This price, however, does not apply to clothes, accessories and scents for the stuffed animals.

Also starting July 12, guests aged 14 and under who visit Build-A-Bear Workshop with a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member can "Count Their Candles" and pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear. Unlike the Pay Your Age Day event which will only be held one day, this offer will be extended all year long to guests who come in any day on the month of their birthdays.


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