Brandless Launches Second Pop-Up In NYC Focused On Sampling, Not Sales

Brandless will host a pop-up shop inside the Milk Building in New York City at 459 W. 14th Street, according to TechCrunch. The temporary location will be open from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4, 2018, building on lessons learned from the first Brandless pop-up in Los Angeles during May 2018.

The location, which is called Pop-up with Purpose, is based around the shopper experience. Shoppers will be able to sample from tasting menus, a snack wall, a fair-trade coffee bar and a clean beauty lounge. The brand’s goal for the store is to invite shoppers to try and discuss the products, rather than produce immediate sales.


However, the location will still showcase the 350+ items Brandless sells on its web site, as well as a selection of new product releases. The retailer sells what it refers to as “better for you” products, including vegan, non-GMO, and organic items.

One lesson learned from the Los Angeles store was to keep it simple. In Los Angeles, Brandless provided fancy meals for shoppers to try the products. The New York location will be no-frills, just the products, according to Tina Sharkey, CEO.

Pop-ups, like the Brandless versions, as well as other stores where consumers can try now and buy later, appeal to today’s modern consumers. As many as 83.8% of shoppers showroom at stores, checking out products without committing to a purchase, according to a study by iVend Retail. Additionally, 51.2% want to see items in person before deciding what to buy.

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