Boxed To Create Targeted Hershey’s Programmatic Catalog Campaign

PebblePost, the creator of Programmatic Direct Mail, has launched a Programmatic Catalog that transforms real-time online interest and intent activity into personalized mail pieces. Retailers such as Boxed have already implemented the Catalog in their marketing efforts to send to customers via direct mail.

The Programmatic Catalog uses real-time behavioral data (like keyword searches and cart abandonment), combined with page-level information such as products and content and a marketer’s campaign rules (e.g. audience tagging and A/B testing). The catalog is initiated by online activity, which means return visits can be matched and real-time analytics can provide continuous optimization.

Boxed, which has worked with PebblePost’s Programmatic Direct Mail, is currently working with one of its vendors, Hershey’s, on a catalog campaign.


“We’re working with our contact at Hershey’s to create a Halloween-themed Hershey’s catalog,” said Nitasha Mehta, Associate Director, Reengagement Marketing, Boxed, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The entire catalog will be dedicated to Hershey’s products that we offer on our site, along with recipes we’ve created for Hershey’s products.”

The retailer plans on targeting current customers who have shown interest in the chocolate and candy categories for this particular campaign. “It’s truly targeted and relevant to users who have already shown interest in similar products, and they will get it in an extremely relevant and timely manner,” Mehta added.

Utilizing the Programmatic Catalog was an easy sell for Boxed, given the success the retailer has seen with PebblePost’s Programmatic Direct Mail, Mehta said. The retailer envisions using the Catalog for the holiday season. “I think that will be very powerful,” she said.

“We’re really excited to roll this out with Hershey’s. A lot of other brands have shown interest as well. It’s very brand-focused messaging and content during key times.” 

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