Retailers Continue To Consider Benefits Of Facebook Login

Although only 6% of retailers, or 30 of the Internet Retailer 500, have implemented Facebook Login as part of their site registration process, many continue to consider the option, according to recent research from Sociable Labs. The company predicts that adoption could reach 12% to 18% in 2013.

In an August 2012 report titled: Log In With Facebook and the 2012 Internet Retailer Top 500, Sociable Labs noted that Facebook is “by far the dominant Social Login option chosen by these online retailers.” As many as 77% of the IR500 sites offering Login only offer the service via Facebook.

A selection of the 30 online retailers already using Facebook login include: Barney’s New York, David’s Bridal, One Kings Lane, Starbucks and


Sociable Labs points out a number of benefits of Facebook login for retailers, including: easier login process, improved site personalization, richer CRM, increased referral traffic from Facebook, and increased user engagement and retention.

The report outlines three specific best practices retailers should consider around social login:

  1. No site password required in tandem with Facebook Login. A total of 30% of current users currently require a password.
  1. Login should be deployed as part of the checkout process. Only 50% of current users have integrated it into the checkout process.
  1. Provide Persistent Login: retailer automatically logs the user into the site on return visits when the user already is logged in to Facebook. None of the current users have taken advantage of Persistent Login to date.

Barriers To Adoption

  • Still in its infancy, Facebook login may be slow to adopt for 3 key reasons, according to Sociable Labs:
  • Technical Barriers: many e-commerce platforms do not easily support social login;
  • Security Concerns: IT teams are concerned that social login may increase data breach risks; and
  • Implementation Challenges: IT resources must be engaged to cover all user flows and use cases, including changing security protections throughout the site.
For more details on the progress of Facebook login, click here to download the full report.

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