83% Of Organizations Don’t Think Current IT Systems Will Meet Future Contact Center Needs

RR DimensionData ImageUp to 83% of organizations indicate that their current IT systems are not equipped to meet future business needs, especially within their contact centers. Furthermore, 33% of executives say that their current systems don’t even meet current needs, according to research from Dimension Data.

To address these challenges, organizations are exploring new solutions and are designing innovative technology frameworks. For one, they are implementing a new hybrid technology model in which legacy systems work alongside cloud-based solutions.

These systems can be deployed more seamlessly, which can help organizations receive a faster return on investment. Using cloud-based solutions, 93% of users agree that their IT costs have decreased, while 88% said that the cloud technology offers them access to new functionalities.


The 2015 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report is designed to provide a single point of reference on key elements affecting customer management in contact centers. The report surveyed more than 900 participants working in 12 industries and 72 countries.

Contact center representatives can gain a wealth of knowledge about customers, and collect invaluable data about their preferences, browsing and buying behaviors, and overall satisfaction. However, 51% of the participants said their contact centers don’t share customer intelligence with the rest of the business, and 58% said that core analytic systems aren’t integrated across the organization. Despite respondents indicating that data analytics will change how they connect with consumers within the next five years, 40% of contact centers do not have data analysis tools in place.

Digital non-voice calls are set to rise in 89% of contact centers within the next two years, while standard voice traffic is expected to drop in 35% of contact centers over the same period. As contact centers continue to evolve, customers will gain access to seven different digital channels in addition to the standard phone-based call center. The percentage of contact centers using smartphone applications will reach 55% within 12 months and web chat will jump to 69% over the same time.

With the expansion of customer service channels, organizations are looking to expand their workforce, as well. In fact, contact centers will either maintain (30%) or grow (52%), their employee base in the near future.

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