Target And Google Pilot Voice-Activated Coupons

Target and Google have partnered to issue a voice-activated coupon, a $15 offer for orders placed on Google Express via the Google Assistant platform. The offer was a pilot to raise consumer awareness for the feature, according to Adweek.

To activate the offer, shoppers could say or type “Spring into Target” into their Google Assistant devices. Shoppers could then use their $15 credit either online or through the Google Express app on Android and iOS. Android Police first reported on the offer upon discovering it in March.

While the promotion was slated to run through April 21, the pilot ended April 3. Those who activated the offer can still redeem it until April 21.


Target said that the voice promotion is designed to provide shoppers “a convenient way to tap into the new seasonal products at Target this spring.”

The retailer expanded its partnership with Google Express in October, enabling shoppers to use Google Assistant for voice-activated shopping via Google Home devices and Android TV. The platform has since expanded to eligible Android and iPhone devices.



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