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Exclusive Q&A: In Amazon’s Search For HQ2, Tech Workforce Will Be Key Factor

Lots of cities want Amazon to call their location home — even if it’s only a second home. After announcing the search for a city to host its second headquarters, the pure play giant received proposals from a remarkable 238 cities and regions across North America, all vying for the promised $5 billion in investment and 50,000 jobs that will come with being “Amazon HQ2.” While Amazon will not announce its decision until early 2018, experts already are handicapping which cities are the likeliest candidates. Attorney Steven Polivy, Chair of the Economic Development and Incentives Practice at Akerman LLP, believes the presence of a highly trained tech workforce will be a critical factor in the winning city’s bid. Additionally, Amazon being Amazon, Polivy believes the company will make good use of data gathered during the search process in order to deepen its understanding of customers, competitors and geographies.

Digital Signage, Mobile Integration Enhance The Tusk Store Experience

On Nov. 1, I had the opportunity to travel to the Tusk store in New York City to visit the ComQi Pop-Up NYC Digital Signage Experience. The various technologies integrated throughout the store include beacons, large LED and LCD video walls and touchscreens, shelf edge displays, a visible light communication (VLC) device from LinkRay and RFID “tap and teach.” These are all technologies that companies often display on a trade show floor, but it was a breath of fresh air to see the hardware all working within a few square feet, and in conjunction with actual products — namely leather handbags and wallets.

German Alipay Partner Expands To Four More Countries

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One year after launching the Alipay service in Germany and Austria, Concardis has expanded its partnership with China’s largest mobile payment network  into Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Alipay has become an important option at retail locations frequented by Chinese tourists. They do not have to convert their Chinese…

Retailers Must Overcome Fear Of Failure To Infuse Successful Innovation Into Business Strategies

As changing shopper preferences continually push the boundaries of what retailers can and should do to improve the customer experience, they also need to address the ongoing challenge: What is the best way to foster innovation? A number of retailers have addressed the challenge of keeping pace with industry shifts by creating innovation labs, with varying degrees of success. Whatever route retailers take, they should not be afraid to take chances on new projects — even though some of them will fail.

Direct-To-Consumer Focus Motivates IT Upgrade At Tommy Bahama

Strategy sessions held back in 2015 had far-reaching impacts for Tommy Bahama. These meetings were the beginning of what has grown into an ambitious program for upgrading many of the apparel brand’s key business solutions, including order management, warehouse management, retail store operations, analytics, merchandising and its entire e-Commerce ecosystem. The 160-store retailer has a thriving e-Commerce business and also operates restaurants in 18 locations. The IT upgrades, scheduled to take place through summer 2019, will bring an enterprise-wide view in two important strategic areas: order management and analytics. Tommy Bahama anticipates significant benefits, according to Lisa Atwood, EVP of Operations, IT and eCommerce.

Is Nordstrom Next On Amazon’s Shopping List? Exclusive Predictions From L2 Experts

Even before the ink was dry on Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, the retail industry began wondering, What will Amazon put in its shopping cart next? L2 founder Scott Galloway, who correctly predicted the Whole Foods purchase, recently identified Nordstrom as the next logical acquisition for the pure play giant. “The Whole Foods acquisition got Amazon into the wealthiest people’s refrigerators, but it didn’t get them into the wealthiest people’s closets,” said Galloway at the SAP Retail Executive Forum last month.

Exclusive Q&A: How Retailers Can Escape The ‘Content Trap’

All kinds of businesses have been rocked by the digital revolution: news, music, media, transportation — and most definitely retail. But what exactly has made it so tough for some retailers to adapt to the changed landscape? Harvard Business School professor Bharat Anand has pinpointed some of the key reasons why traditional businesses, including retail, have found it so difficult to find their footing in a digital-first world. Too many companies fall into what Anand calls the “Content Trap.” In his book of the same name, Anand wrote that rather than focusing on the new world of connections that digital enables, companies remain fixated on the content they produce: a news story, a song, a taxi ride — and in the case of retail, the product they sell.

Tommy Bahama, Costco, Foot Locker CEOs Chart Diverse Paths To Success

At the SAP Retail Executive Forum held earlier this month in New York City, chief executives from a diverse group of retailers shared some of the “secret ingredients” that have contributed to their organizations’ long-term success — even as the retail industry has undergone near-constant change. The leaders of Tommy Bahama, Costco and Foot Locker offered insights that included: • “Customers are looking for you to do what you did last time, but to do it better. Stay focused on delighting your guest.” — Doug Wood, CEO, Tommy Bahama • “The culture of the company is what it’s all about. Culture is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing, because it drives all the decisions you make.” — Jim Sinegal, Co-Founder and Director, Costco Wholesale • “Consumers don’t think in terms of channels, they think in terms of the Foot Locker brand.” — Dick Johnson, President/CEO, Foot Locker

Smartphone Users Spend 7X More Time On Apps Than On Mobile Sites

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Smartphone users spend more than 7X more time in native apps than on mobile browsers, and they tend to access them 13X more often, according to a survey from App Annie. This sends a clear message to retailers — if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to optimize your mobile app. Consumers are flocking to these apps at a rapid rate. Time spent in mobile apps has nearly doubled over the past two years, with consumers spending two hours a day in apps on average. In 2021, users are anticipated to spend more than 3 trillion hours in apps globally, doubling the approximately 1.5 trillion hours spent in 2016.

Viral Video, Focused Customer Targeting Increases Orders 135% For Biaggi

A video inspired by its star’s ability to effectively pack a carry-on bag that unexpectedly went viral has become the basis for a highly successful marketing program. Biaggi, an online-only foldable luggage company, has leveraged video marketing to a spark a 101% increase in revenue and a 135% increase in orders YOY. In August 2016, Biaggi released a video, titled: How To Pack Over 100 Items Into A Carry On, designed to add value to the shopping experience by showing how to optimize luggage usage. In the month of the video’s release, sales increased $100,000 and Biaggi sold more ZipSak bags than at any other time.

How To Create A Growth Map To Build Branch Expansion

Last fall, The Wall Street Journal spoke with two e-Commerce-driven retail brands, Warby Parker and Bonobos, about their expansion into physical locations as showrooms for their products. Both brands see a future that includes more brick-and-mortar locations. Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal revealed that he envisions more than 800 physical locations, and Bonobos founder Andy Dunn plans to have at least 100 stores by 2020. Dunn said he expects a “tidal wave” of e-Commerce companies making similar decisions.

When It Matters Most, Shoppers Welcome Texts

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While shoppers typically prefer to receive messages from retailers via email (especially for record-keeping), they’re warming up to text messages and push notifications. Now, 36% of shoppers prefer to receive order updates via text message, while 34% like to receive texts about customer service issues, according to a survey from Narvar. While these shoppers are growing more comfortable the immediacy of text messages, they prefer them to be sent when the importance of the situation warrants the intrusion:

Meal Kit Provider Adds AmazonFresh Fulfillment Option

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eMeals, which already offers integration with Walmart Grocery, Kroger ClickList and Instacart, has added AmazonFresh as a fulfillment option. Subscribers can send the shopping lists that are generated for meals they have selected to any of these services and then schedule home delivery or curbside pickup, depending on local availability.…
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