Fleur Du Mal Leverages Content To Fuel Interactive Mobile Experience

As consumers continue to shop online and via mobile devices, they are seeking detailed information and resources to ensure they’re making the best decisions. This especially is true if they’re browsing and considering high-priced luxury items. In response, retailers are offering more user-generated and branded content in their cross-channel marketing initiatives.

Fleur du Mal, a luxury lingerie and ready-to-wear brand, is converging content, commerce and a new mobile experience, which was developed in partnership with Usablenet. Featuring seamless social integration that generates rich content, dynamic wish list capabilities and rich, editorial-styled images, the new mobile site is helping Fleur du Mal create “a fun but streamlined touch-oriented experience,” according to Jennifer Zuccarini, Founder of Fleur du Mal.

“When we launched the Fleur du Mal brand in November 2012, I was very passionate about creating a digital presence before opening any physical stores,” Zuccarini said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Our target consumers are shopping online and via mobile regularly, so our goal was to create a next-generation mobile site that matched the aesthetic and experience of our e-Commerce site. That meant having great content and editorial, but also having tools and features that make it easy for visitors to browse and buy.”

Encouraging Brand Interactions

The mobile site was launched early May 2013 using the U-Experience platform from Usablenet. The initiative provides a rich, personalized brand experience that allows shoppers to connect and engage with the Fleur du Mal brand and products in a variety of ways.


To encourage social conversations and drive buzz, the mobile-optimized site features social sharing capabilities so consumers can publish their favorite products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as share them via email. Real-time Instagram and Twitter feeds also are available on the site, providing consumers with in-the-moment access to social conversations.

“We started developing a social presence even before the official launch of the Fleur du Mal brand,” Zuccarini stated. “Using social media, we were able to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at what the brand was doing and what they could expect from us. Now, social media is becoming a two-way conversation: We’re sharing content with our followers, and we’re hoping they share content with us.”

While social sharing helps keep consumers engaged, a “Love List” feature adds utility and ease-of-use to the new digital shopping journey. With this tool, mobile shoppers conveniently can tap and drag product images into their personal wish lists. This allows Fleur du Mal to “eliminate several barriers” in the browsing and buying experience, which increases likelihood that consumers will eventually complete a purchase.

Bringing Content To Life

High-quality, shoppable images that grace the homepage are a key component of the new mobile site. When consumers touch a specific product, a light box pops up to spotlight more detailed product and pricing information.

The interactive photos allow Fleur du Mal to create a clearer connection between brand content and product information in a “fun way,” according to Zuccarini. In addition, the editorial-style images have helped the company “create and build a lifestyle that aligns with the Fleur du Mal brand.” 

Keeping site agility, speed and performance top-of-mind, Fleur du Mal is leveraging U-Control, a content decision tool from Usablenet. U-Control is designed to empower businesses such as Fleur du Mal to develop and manage mobile content, promotions and messaging without relying on third-party sources to execute campaigns or upload images. The tool helps Fleur du Mal refresh content more swiftly and regularly to keep shoppers engaged.  

Embracing Mobile And Physical Pop-Up Stores

Fleur du Mal also is leveraging U-Control to manage and execute mobile pop-up stores, or stores within stores designed specifically for the mobile environment. Now the brand can leverage geo-location technology to disseminate unique product offerings and limited-time deals to consumers within specific geographic areas.

These mobile pop-up stores will align with physical pop-up stores, or short-term brick-and-mortar locations, that Fleur du Mal plans to implement more frequently in the future. In fact, Fleur du Mal will continue to evolve the pop-up store model as more physical pop-up stores open throughout the summer. 

“We want to learn how to create something compelling and unique for people using their mobile phones as they walk into pop-up locations,” Zuccarini stated. For example, Fleur du Mal is considering “shoppable windows,” which will allow consumers to take photos of store displays and purchase specific products via their mobile devices.

While a strategy has yet to be finalized, Zuccarini knows that either way, “we’ll be integrating the brick-and-mortar and mobile experiences in seamless and memorable ways. We’ll encourage people to shop using their mobile devices, while creating a fun and differentiated brand experience.” 

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