Meta Launches Promotional Ads to Simplify Promotion Redemption for Consumers

Meta is testing a promotional ads capability, with the goal of making it easier for shoppers to discover, manage and apply digital promotions to their purchases as well as expanding the number of options for its lead ads product. Meta has found that 85% of shoppers actively seek out promotions and other offers before making a purchase, and the new promotional ads format aims to make it easier to help them find deals while enabling retailers to complete more sales.

The promotional ads test will launch for select advertisers in the U.S., UK, Canada and India. An initial feature of the format will be clickable Facebook ads that automatically apply a discount code to the associated purchase. Additionally, if the shopper fails to complete the transaction at that time, they will receive a reminder notification before the deal ends.

New features for lead ads include conditional questions and the ability to overlay Instant Forms on a retailer’s web page within Meta’s in-app browser. These enhancements were designed to provide shoppers with a more tailored discovery and consideration experience as well as to help businesses find more qualified customers.

The lead ad solution are designed to become more dynamic by allowing marketers’ question and answer forms to be updated based on how people respond. For example, the question “What degree are you interested in?” can be followed with further questions that have been dynamically altered to guide the person to information about a specific program.


The overlay feature for Instant Forms will help shoppers engage with rich media formats on retailers’ web pages to help them get more context about the business. The shoppers can then easily submit their information through Instant Form using Meta’s autofill capabilities, which automatically pulls in a person’s information based on what they’ve provided to Meta, such as name and email address.

These new capabilities will help retail marketers build on the advertising capabilities already enabled by Meta, including generative AI applications currently being trialed with a small group of advertisers. Initial AI capabilities include text variations, with a tool that will generate multiple versions of advertising text; background generation, which generates background images from text inputs; and image outcropping, which will adjust creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across multiple surfaces like Stories or Reels.

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