Salesforce Acquires Atonit to Add a Marketplace Platform to its Ecommerce Portfolio

Salesforce will acquire Brazilian marketplace solution Atonit, adding marketplace capabilities to its own ecommerce platform. Salesforce will share more details regarding the product roadmap once the acquisition closes, which is expected before April 30, 2022.

“Marketplace capabilities are becoming imperative for leading commerce platforms, and customer demand for more purchasing options and greater flexibility is growing,” said Salesforce in a statement. “With Atonit, Salesforce will be able to offer a marketplace solution built on the Salesforce platform, connected natively to Commerce Cloud and other clouds.”

Salesforce’s goal for its Commerce Marketplace is to help retailers drive revenue growth by increasing cart sizes, earning commissions and receiving membership subscription revenue from vendors. The platform also aims to help retailers expand into new categories with no inventory required.

Marketplaces are a hot topic in the retail industry: 57% of U.S. consumers said they shopped exclusively, or a lot, on marketplaces in both 2020 and 2021, according to research from Mirakl. Additionally, marketplaces account for 50% of the online shopping conducted by “power shoppers” that shop digitally once a week or more.




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