Petals Network Boosts Email Revenue 20% YOY With Email Triggers

Petals Network, an international subsidiary of floral wire service company Teleflora, wanted to reduce email campaign creation time as it manages approximately 2,000 e-Commerce sites on behalf of local florist partners. The company ran into challenges with its legacy email platform, which made it difficult to quickly segment and consolidate disparate partner and customer information. This resulted in a lack of messaging triggers and low engagement from customers.

The company began looking for a triggered email provider because, at the time, it was using two separate vendors — one for triggered emails and another for traditional promotional emails. Petals Network turned to Cordial, an adaptive messaging platform powered by machine learning that helps customers understand and personalize email and mobile campaign messaging. Teleflora has since been able to manage both types of email via the Cordial platform.

Additionally, since the implementation, Petals Network was positioned to:


  • Increase email revenue by 20% year-over-year using Cordial Experiments;
  • Decrease campaign creation time from days to minutes by using adaptive email templates; and
  • Service the marketing needs of all of its partner sites, as opposed to just 10% of its partners.

“We run and manage close to 2,000 sites for our local florists, including sending emails for them,” said Aaron Zagha, Senior Director of e-Commerce, International in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We needed a platform that would allow us to do that without massive amounts of manual work and uploads — we had to automate as much as we could. That was impossible with our existing platform and required custom work. Cordial offered to do that for us and build out what we needed in a way that was way above and beyond other providers we spoke with.”

Through the partnership, Cordial worked with the Petals Network marketing team to:

  • Programmatically optimize triggered message streams using machine learning;
  • Personalize every communication with partner branding using adaptive messaging templates;
  • Leverage JavaScript and PHP events to track user behavior, including cart abandonment, and personalize emails with relevant product content based on the behavior;
  • Create a personalized series of triggered “welcome” messages for new customers; and
  • Leverage Cordial’s integrated analytics to create custom reports to monitor metrics for email and web site behaviors.

Reducing Emails To Enhance CX 

When the international division was using two different vendors for triggered emails and traditional promotions, Petals Network wasn’t able to keep track of which database was receiving which emails. This resulted in redundancy and customers receiving too many emails. Because the Cordial platform was so streamlined, the company ended up using it for both email types.

“Having a unified location has helped us with the efficacy of our emails, so we’re not redundant and sending contradicting emails, such as two discounts, for example, or sending the same database two different promotions,” said Zagha. “Using a single vendor has been very helpful and basically increased the overall efficacy of our email program. We now have a holistic single view of the users’ email interactions so we can avoid bad customer experiences and over-emailing people as well.” 

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