Sweaty Betty Inspires Consumers To Get Fit With Rich Site Content

Sweaty Betty
is increasing its presence in the apparel segment by focusing exclusively on female customers. Over the past two years, Sweaty Betty has expanded substantially, growing from a UK-based retailer to a brand with substantial e-Commerce sales and growing brick-and-mortar business. 

“We have experienced pretty rapid growth but this year, and are on track to see 200% growth online and in the U.S. specifically,” said Aalish Yorke Long, Head of E-Commerce for Sweaty Betty. “We’re building up a nice base of customers that are coming to the site on an ongoing basis.”

A key reason why the e-Commerce site is experiencing such substantial growth is its alignments with the fitness lifestyle, Long explained. Rich content, images and videos are integrated into the homepage and product pages, so consumers can see apparel and accessories in action.


“Content is central to everything we do,” Long said. “It’s most important that we’re getting the right content to our customer. As a sports brand, we have a lot to say about our products.”

By partnering with Amplience, a rich media solutions provider, Sweaty Betty is able to link rich content with commerce without straining resources. The marketing team easily can create, schedule and publish interactive imagery into web carousels, lookbooks and detailed editorial pages.

Over the past year, Sweaty Betty has implemented Amplience and re-launched its e-Commerce site to include more aspirational and community-focused content. Within that time, the brand has seen a 27% year-over-year growth in its online business. The new site also helped conversion rates increase by 8%, while site bounce rate fell 28%.

“Get Fit 4 Free” was one campaign that was especially successful for the retailer. For the month-long initiative, Sweaty Betty published blogs, images and even exercise videos. All workout videos were taped and streamed live from Sweaty Betty stores, which offer free classes to paying customers.

Creating Content For ‘Kate’

Regardless of the format, all content is designed to focus on the Sweaty Betty target consumer, whom the brand has dubbed Kate. “We know exactly who Kate is,” Long said. “She is a premium shopper who loves high-end products and the aspirational lifestyle, but also knows her fitness and is passionate about it.”

Because Kate has a sporty side as well as a stylish side, Long noted that “we have to constantly balance the technicalities of the products with the fashion side.”

All Sweaty Betty content now can be completed and uploaded in-house, without the need for front-end developers. With this more seamless, self-service format, Sweaty Betty has cut campaign content production times by 50%.

“Amplience made sense because we have a small team,” Long said, “and we are able to create a lot of content that is specific to the U.S. and UK,” without stretching our resources or hiring more employees. Long added that Amplience empowers the Sweaty Betty team to “showcase the beauty of our products,” through videos and photos.

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