Godiva Improves Average Order Value 15% With Product Image Testing

Best-in-class retailers are testing and applying new strategies to better engage online consumers. The e-Commerce site in particular presents retailers with an opportunity to customize messaging and offers based on visitors’ browsing and buying histories, as well as geographic locations.

Godiva Chocolatier optimized e-Commerce personalization with the Agility Suite from Monetate, designed to allow retailers to test personalized content, images and offers more quickly and seamlessly. The retailer is recognizing an array of benefits, including a 15% boost in Average Order Value (AOV) and an 18% increase in conversion rates as a result of leveraging multiple images on product pages.

Because Godiva is such a sensory brand, photography is critical to creating a compelling experience for shoppers, Mahender Nathan, VP of Direct for Godiva told Retail TouchPoints. To ensure the best investment, the internal team for the brand conducted A/B testing through Monetate to determine the overall value of providing alternate images on inventory pages.

“We posted additional photos of the same products to showcase different angles,” Nathan explained. “Not surprisingly, we saw a lift when showing those alternate views. But the ability to quantify that lift and better determine how much we should allocate to our photo budget was the greatest benefit.”

Prior to implementing the Monetate Agility Suite, Godiva had no way to test strategies without involving IT or creative departments. Now, the retailer can run up to 60 simultaneous campaigns, making the company justify future investments more efficiently.


Ensuring The Right Incentives
Through its partnership with Monetate, Godiva has been able to make smarter investments on marketing content and campaigns. By analyzing real-time click stream data, the brand now can successfully determine the impact of specific offers and incentives on various customer segments, all while maintaining brand image and consumer trust.

“We recognize that our customers are entrusting us with their personal preferences, so when we utilize personalization, respecting them is top of mind,” Nathan said. “We want to make sure we’re being helpful, but not steering them so heavily they become uncomfortable.”

By testing offers and incentives, and investigating different levels of free shipping qualifications, Godiva can make the best decisions for overall profit. For example, Godiva improved AOV by 9% by testing shipping offer banners on visitors’ cart pages more frequently.

“We tested three different price points for free shipping qualifications: ‘A’ was the lowest and ‘C’ was the highest,” Nathan reported. “You would imagine the lowest would have done best, but it turned out it ‘B,’ or the middle price. It helped us not only in conversion rates, but also in average order value. We never expected those results, but it’s an example of how important it is to be data-driven.” With help from the Monetate Client Success Team, Godiva discusses results and potential strategies with representatives, leading to optimal execution and results, as well as insights on potential investments.

Building Customer Communication Via Email And Chat
Email is a paramount channel for educating Godiva customers — especially loyalty club members — about new product releases and company announcements. After identifying and segmenting new and returning shoppers, as well as loyalty club members, Godiva implemented email lightboxes on its home page. These lightboxes invite new visitors to sign up for the email program and receive special offers, as well as access behind-the-scenes content.

Overall, Godiva saw a 1,076% increase in email capture. “We were afraid that the lightbox addition potentially would drive customers away,” Nathan said. “With this test, we were able to see, in fact, the exact opposite result.”

Ongoing segmentation also allows Godiva to identify key customers and their overall needs. For example, the retailer can identify businesses that visit the site to buy client gifts, which is “a really important part of our business,” Nathan explained. “We started looking at how we can fine-tune messages and promotions for business gift-givers versus other consumers.”

Godiva currently is testing a variety of other initiatives, including an auto-completion search functionality, which will help guide customers to inventory in a more seamless way, Nathan explained. Additionally, the company is strategizing with Monetate to determine how to incorporate personalization into its call center to further improve customer service.

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