YoY Comparison of Top-Selling Amazon Products Tells the Tale of Two Unprecedented Years

Amazon Top-Selling Products 2021

New data from Amazon portrays recent shifts in consumer behavior through the lens of the top-selling products on the platform. Compared to this same time last year, consumers are entertaining more, traveling more and dressing up — although they are not forgoing the sweatpants altogether.

It’s a stark shift from 2020, when puzzles, gardening tools, cookware, headphones and exercise bikes topped shoppers’ lists. But at least one pandemic trend is here to stay — purchases of sweats, leggings and all things athleisure spiked in 2020, and sales remain “comfortably strong,” according to Amazon.

Beyond that, the data shows that after an unprecedented year, many Americans are returning to normal routines:

  • In-person gatherings have resumed with Amazon Wedding Registry gift-giving more than double that of 2020. Event and party supply sales have also doubled YoY from April 2021, with tableware and party decorations among the top-selling categories.
  • Customers are dressing for new occasions, indicated by the fact that skirts, dresses, dress shirts, suits and tuxedo sales all more than tripled in March and April of 2021 compared to the same months in 2020. It’s not just apparel reflecting this trend — curling irons are up 30% YoY as well.
  • Shoppers are preparing for mask-less outings, with sales of toothpaste, whiteners and mouthwash up 66% in April 2021 compared to January 2020 and premium lipstick sales increasing by more than 58% YoY as of April 2021. Subscribe & Save sales for skincare are also up 38% YoY from April 2020.
  • But athleisure is here to stay with “business on top, casual on bottom” enduring. Sales of sweatpants are up by more than 60%, but jewelry sales also have nearly tripled YoY as of March and April 2021. In March and April of 2021, athleisure category sales increased by more than 50% YoY with top categories including athletic bottoms (a 40%+ increase), athletic tops (a 45%+ increase) and leggings (a 90%+ increase).
  • Travel is top of mind, with luggage sales up more than 460% YoY (Q1 2021) and swimwear more than doubling YoY as of March and April 2021. Sales of sunscreen and bronzers have increased by 70% YoY as of April 2021, and cases for consumer electronics are up 86% in the same time frame.
  • Outdoor adventures continue to generate interest, with sales of outdoor living and camping products increasing by more than 130% YoY as of April 2021, while cargo management, exterior accessories and RV care products have more than doubled since April 2020.


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