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Plastic Logic Unveils Freezable ESLs For Supermarkets

Plastic Logic, a designer and manufacturer of glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), has launched a 11.5” x 0.5” EPD designed for rail-type electronic shelf label (ESL) applications. The displays are designed to overcome many of the problems associated with traditional paper labels, which can easily be damaged and require time-consuming manual systems to manage updates. Additionally, ESLs often have difficulty operating and updating at sub-zero temperatures.

MomentFeed Introduces Visibility Manager To Boost Brands’ Local Visibility

MomentFeed has released Visibility Manager, a solution designed to ensure multi-location brands appear as the first and most obvious choice for nearby consumers. By improving the precision, consistency, quality and distribution of each store’s business information, Visibility Manager is designed to make a brand’s nearest location a nearby consumer’s first choice on any mobile device. These results can drive more online-to-offline actions, foot traffic and higher sales.

First Insight Introduces ElastiCast Pricing Optimization Platform

First Insight has released ElastiCast, a solution designed to enable retailers to forecast price elasticity of new products to determine optimal prices and increase margins. By collecting consumer data and processing it through First Insight’s proprietary algorithms, ElastiCast enables merchants, planners and marketers to analyze various pricing scenarios and predict how consumers will react to different price points throughout the product’s lifecycle — from initial pricing to markdowns to clearance. These results enable retailers to see the distribution of demand before they go to market, so they can set prices based on data.

Manthan Launches In-Store Personalization Platform

Manthan has debuted an in-store personalization solution for retailers powered by the TargetOne marketing engine. Retailers can send notifications and personalized offers tailored to customers’ interests and preferences, either before the customer begins their shopping journey or while they’re at the store.

SMCP and PredictSpring Launch In-Store Mobile Associate App

SMCP and PredictSpring have collaborated to debut a mobile store associate app designed to align online and offline retail experiences. The new app integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and is available at Maje, an SMCP contemporary Parisian fashion brand with 60 retail locations equipped across France, the U.S. and the UK.

RevCascade Launches Souler Influencer Commerce Platform

RevCascade has unveiled Souler, a commerce platform enabling influencers to sell products to their followers through a dedicated online storefront. Additionally, the platform is designed to give brands the opportunity to broaden their distribution network, gain new customers and increase revenue. Via Souler, influencers can sell products without the burden of managing physical inventory or the complexities of building their own e-Commerce sites, including processing orders and managing customer service.

Zuant Introduces Custom Skins For Mobile Consumer Engagement

Zuant, a developer of mobile lead capture solutions for companies seeking to maximize investment in trade shows, has unveiled Custom Skins for mobile apps. The Custom Skins are designed to enable users to incorporate their own brand identity into presentations to prospective customers, for optimal customer awareness and engagement. Zuant Custom Skins is a new feature bolt-on that opens up the home screen, toolbars and buttons to users for customization. Retailers can take their brand experience to the next level, enabling marketing and sales teams to deliver a heightened level of quality presentation for both in-store POS displays and on the road.

InBin Launches Parcel Box With IQ

InBin, a delivery solution for home owners and businesses, launched InBin Parcel Box with IQ, a smart mailbox designed to solve the problem of package theft and misdeliveries. Users can place an InBin on their porch or next to their garage, activate notifications and even connect it to a security camera. InBin Parcel Box with IQ incorporates a specially designed parcel box enabling easy delivery and retrievals. The box includes an encrypted locking mechanism designed to prevent tampering and complete sensor technology to alert users of deliveries, pick-ups, temperature, humidity and other important information.

Zebra Introduces Smartphone Designed For SMB Field Workers

Zebra Technologies Corp. has introduced the TC25, a rugged smartphone specifically designed for the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. The phone allows field mobility workers to scan barcodes on parts, manage routes and complete invoices. Key features of the TC25 include:

Shopgate Unveils In-App Live Chat Feature

Shopgate has debuted an in-app live chat capability, powered by Intercom. The feature is designed to give retailers more control and organization for their mobile shopping app needs, and in turn, enable them to improve conversations and customer satisfaction rates. Using Intercom Live Chat, a mobile shopper can click the “chat” tab to contact the retailer on their own terms. The Intercom Live Chat feature can also be set to have the app automatically send a message to the shopper asking if they need live assistance. Retailers also can decide where to continue the conversation, whether in the chat box or via email.

BRIDGEi2i Releases AI-Powered Analytics Platform ExTrack

BRIDGEi2i has unveiled ExTrack, an AI-powered analytics platform designed to leverage text analytics and natural language processing to help retailers gauge customer sentiment, interests and reactions at multiple touch points. The platform can analyze quantitative and unstructured information to identify various customer experience metrics. Retailers can use this platform to correlate these experience metrics with business outcomes, which then helps them take the right course of action for driving better customer experience.

Zumigo Expands Assure Suite With Identity Verification Capabilities

Zumigo has expanded its Assure suite of mobile device location and identity verification products to offer services designed to mitigate credit card fraud when card numbers get into the wrong hands.  The cloud-based service integrates with banks’ and merchants’ processing systems to verify the identity and location of a user’s mobile device along with credit card ownership to prevent fraudulent transactions. Discrepancies are flagged as possible fraud, and can save merchants and banks expenses ranging from fraudulent purchases and chargebacks to reissuing credit cards.

Salesforce Offers Customizable Communities For Creative Teams

Salesforce has implemented more advanced features into Community Cloud that are designed to simplify a brand’s ability to create online communities. The system’s Lightning Community Builder features a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface designed for “no-code development” that can be performed without the assistance of the IT department or trained developers. Once created, users can view the online community in real time with live previews.

Scandit Launches Browser-Based Barcode Scanner

Scandit has launched Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web, providing capabilities previously available only in mobile apps to mobile and desktop web browsers. Consumers, retailers and business partners can utilize the camera on their smartphones, tablets or PCs to scan retail or industrial barcodes, as well as QR and other 2D codes, directly into a browser. The functionality complements mobile apps for a variety of scan-based activities. Matches Retailers’ Space Needs With Real Estate Vacancies

StoreMatch is a cloud-based leasing platform designed to match retailer needs with landlord vacancies in a confidential B2B environment. The web site enables retailers to enter their growth strategies for proposed stores while matching up the entered data with available leases within their required areas. With the online leasing platform, retailers can privately enter their desired sites by location, size of space required and usage. For their part, landlords can confidentially enter in their vacant sites. Retailers can search for all available site opportunities by state and by center type.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.