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[24] Unveils New Conversational Commerce Capabilities For AIVA Chatbot

[24], a customer engagement solutions company, has debuted advanced conversational capabilities for its AI-powered virtual agent [24]7 AIVA. The advanced conversational AI is designed to detect user emotion, acknowledge it, respond empathetically and take logical actions, just like a human agent. The bot can detect positive or negative emotion, and also analyze the strength of those emotions and react accordingly before handing over to a human agent as needed.

FLEAT Launches AI-Powered Mobile Retail Vehicle Network

Fleat Network, a startup that enables retailers to mobilize their operations to fulfill off-premise sales, is testing customized mobile retail vehicles (MRV) designed to distribute perishable goods. The MRVs, combined with the company’s AI-powered StreetLogic technology, deliver a real-time network that automates the order and delivery process.  The technology leverages a retailer's customer database to appeal to shoppers through unique, personalized offers using AI and geolocation. Once a customer is paired with a mobile storefront operating in their area, they receive a notification, and then can choose from available inventory and place an order for curbside delivery using their mobile device.

CleverTap Launches Omnichannel Campaign Builder

CleverTap, a mobile customer engagement and analytics solutions provider, has launched Journeys, an omnichannel campaign builder designed to help marketers engage with customers along their individual paths-to-purchase throughout the app lifecycle.

UnDigital Launches Package Insert Advertising Marketplace

UnDigital, the package insert marketplace that launched in July 2018, gives advertisers of all sizes access to an inventory of more than 300 million packages for insert ads. Additionally, the service is designed to empower retailers to transform package overhead into a bottom-line business driver.  With billions of packages shipped annually, UnDigital is seeking to bring scalability to insert advertising. The marketplace is designed to enable marketers to reach new consumers in a measurable, testable channel with positive brand association and guaranteed viewability.

Zaius Unveils Segment Builder 2.0

Zaius has debuted new segmentation capabilities, designed to let marketers create highly customized customer segments for advanced analytics and targeted campaign execution. Segment Builder 2.0 is designed to empower marketers to create segments based on the most comprehensive data set, ingesting data from any system in their marketing stack. Marketers can get a unified view of e-Commerce and POS data, as well as data pulled from web sites, mobile apps, ad platforms, satisfaction ratings and customer service support tickets.

GroupBy Launches Command Center 3

GroupBy Inc., an e-Commerce solutions provider, has released Command Center 3, the latest version of its admin portal. Command Center 3 is designed for retailers to monitor and make quick changes to their e-Commerce sites without requiring any code deployment. Additional key features include:

Zebra Launches ZQ600 Mobile Printer Series

Zebra Technologies has introduced its new ZQ600 series of label and receipt mobile printers, designed to help businesses across retail, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing increase productivity in stores, backrooms and warehouses. The ZQ600 printer series is powered by Zebra’s Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools, which seek to deliver a superior printing experience through heightened security, better performance, simplified remote manageability and easier integration.

Solink Offers Operations And Loss Prevention Platform

Solink, a cloud-based operations, security, and loss prevention management platform, is designed to connect a business’ daily systems, find key points of data, and create alerts and reports for brick-and-mortar retailers. The platform connects a business’ existing video system in real time with point-of-sale (POS) transactions to create greater insight and visibility by sending retailers reports and alerts. Solink allows retailers to: Track loss prevention by cross-referencing any information on the platform; Collect data on revenue changes, speed of service, balanced register and sales performance; and Pinpoint motion in restricted areas or after hours with the Activity Search feature.

Oracle Retail Launches Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service

Oracle Retail has launched a new Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service designed to enable retailers to more easily track, access and manage inventory. The solution provides the ability to view inventory by size, color and other key attributes, helping retailers fulfill demand across several channels. Traditionally, stores associates have had to rely on searching online or calling another store for an item requested by a customer in a certain size or color. Oracle aims to improve this system by providing retailers with:

Sana Commerce Updates Customer Experience Platform

Sana Commerce has launched a new SaaS version of their product, Sana 9.3, designed to help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers eliminate the need for large-scale upgrades by delivering continuous updates to the platform. The updated platform will be made available to customers in September 2018. At launch, users can take advantage of a one-step checkout system designed to simplify the buying process for regular purchasers. Customers can view and access sales agreements, which are automatically applied at checkout. Regular updates to the solution will deliver new features designed to enable customers to meet buyer demands. Sana 9.3 also comes with an app store that supports payments through PayPal and shipments through FedEx. Users can enable app store add-ons that cover integrations including: Different payment services; Content creation pages; Image sliders; In-page navigation; Shopping cart uploads using CSV files; Store locators; and Shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS.

Centriam Offers Customer Experience Management Solution

Centriam, a customer experience management SaaS solution, is designed to help companies of all sizes execute targeted and personalized CX programs that uncover customer experience drivers, generate revenue and improve customer retention. Centriam allows retailers to: Design targeted and customer-centric CX programs with built-in and personalized customer follow-up capabilities; Collect actionable and automated feedback across multiple channels (email, call center, web, store/location); Quickly address customer issues and identify CX efforts with the highest impact on customer behavior, retention, and sales; and Personalize surveys with relevant customer information, design surveys with custom skipping and inclusion logic and create their own custom branded templates.

GrandCanals Launches Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud 4.0

GrandCanals, a commerce fulfillment analytics provider, has launched version 4.0 of the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC), a SaaS application that enables analytics-driven fulfillment. Built to optimize fulfillment and delivery, FIC 4.0 is designed to help e-Commerce and retail companies increase sales and deliver orders by improving their delivery experience.

Journey Analytics Platform Tracks Path To Conversion

Journey by CAKE is a cloud-based solution designed to provide retailers with an end-to-end view of a customer’s path to conversion across multiple channels and devices. Built on the CAKE Marketing Intelligence platform, the solution collects and analyzes granular first-party data about significant brand interactions that shoppers engage with prior to a conversion in order to measure marketing performance. Retailers can capture insights on how digital campaigns are performing across a range of online and offline channels including search, email, social, affiliate, direct, referral, TV and radio. The solution enables marketers to make decisions derived from real-time data by combining: Insights: Centralized multi-channel measurement across search, email, social affiliate, direct, mobile and more, plus a customer journey analytics dashboard; Multi-Touch Attribution: Rules-based and data-driven attribution modeling providing clarity into channel and campaign optimization efforts; Connections: Seamless integrations with digital media platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Shopify, and others, to streamline the process of pulling in cost data and the tracking of first-party data across all digital channels; and  Solutions: Additional solutions for Lead Generation and Affiliate Management to facilitate closed-loop measurement of the entire online customer journey.

Savitude Simplifies Search For Women’s Fashion

With SaaS technology designed to simplify the shopping experience, Savitude is working to reshape the search for women’s fashion. The company’s visual recognition and machine learning technology uses a knowledge base that matches body shape and proportions with clothes that will fit best. Customers answer a series of six questions designed to help categorize their body shapes. Savitude has screened and digitized hundreds of women using 3D scanners to create the body shapes, and uses this information to suggest clothes that will fit the customer’s body shape best.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.