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The Retail TouchPoints Solution Spotlight features new products or services relevant to the retail industry. If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.

Yieldify Offers Customer Journey Optimization, Conversion Platforms

Yieldify, a Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) platform designed to help e-Commerce businesses deliver customer journeys that convert, integrates into existing workflows and leverages proprietary data to recognize what actions will generate the greatest impact before creating CJO campaigns for every customer. The scalable, customizable platform enables brand marketers to insert personalized touch points and gives them full control of the online customer experience. The data-driven solution takes a holistic approach to the customer journey, enabling brands to identify how consumers interact with a brand, discover causes of cart abandonment and encourage customers to spend more.

Pitney Bowes Launches SendPro Enterprise

Pitney Bowes has introduced SendPro Enterprise, a cloud-based multi-carrier and PC postage software solution designed to give enterprises greater visibility and control over rising carrier costs and parcel shipping volume. SendPro Enterprise is designed for organizations with multiple locations and remote employees. The platform includes an operational dashboard that consolidates a view across the entire organization.

TruRating Unveils Full Online Offering Following Magento Extension

TruRating, a multichannel customer feedback solution for retailers, hospitality and service businesses, has unveiled its extension with Magento Commerce. The customer feedback solutions will now be available to Magento merchants and all online retailers. With the extension, retailers can gather customer feedback through online and brick-and-mortar channels, combining ratings with transaction data.

MSTS Unveils Credit As A Service Suite

MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, has introduced Credit as a Service (CaaS). The suite of applications and services enable companies to access: Payment and credit solutions; Managed services; and Integrations to power global commerce. As a single omnichannel solution, CaaS is designed to enable B2B companies to drive sales, reduce accounts receivable costs, mitigate risk and enhance the customer experience. CaaS streamlines complexities that exist between B2B buyers and sellers by providing dynamic pricing and automated purchase controls to deliver a positive experience for buyers.

Wiser Integrates Data Collection On Pricing, Merchandising, Promotions

Wiser, a retail analytics platform, is designed to empower brands and retailers to customize how data is collected, analyzed, and integrated into their existing workflows. The platform gathers and analyzes billions of data points across web stores, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores, emails and social media. Using a combination of data science and human validation, the solution generates powerful insights and integrates them with workflow software to drive measurable cost and time savings and ensuring profitable growth.

Compliantia Adds Scrollable Photos To Dashboard

Compliantia, a retail audit software solution, has unveiled a scrollable photo carousel designed to enable users to get a photographic overview of what is happening in their stores, right from their dashboard. The software helps retailers audit stores for operations, merchandising and loss prevention with an app via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The complete audit workflow includes action plans, photo verification, maps, KPIs, signatures and a scheduler.

Engagement Agents Leverages Marketing Platform To Help Retailers Reclaim ‘Lost’ Sales, Traffic

Engagement Agents is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed to help retailers better manage their marketing campaigns’ distribution through mall and shopping center touch points. The platform can help retailers reclaim “lost” impressions, traffic and sales to their own stores, web sites and social channels through their already-paid-for and underutilized shopping centers’ marketing channels. Every shopping center promotes their retailers’ marketing campaigns to millions of consumers via their mobile site, web site, social media, email list, app, events and in-mall digital signage to drive impressions, traffic and sales to its retailers.

CGS Updates BlueCherry B2B E-Commerce Platform

CGS  has unveiled the newest release of the BlueCherry B2B eCommerce platform, designed to help wholesalers make informed purchase recommendations to retailers based on analytics in a visual format, with price, delivery, recommended size and store distributions. Users can convert visual assortments to electronic purchase orders integrated with their supply chain via Web Service APIs or EDI.

Symphony RetailAI Releases Virtual Store Remodeling Platform

Symphony RetailAI has unveiled the SR Virtual Store Remodeling solution for grocery retailers and suppliers. The VR platform is designed to optimize existing and new store layouts based on customer-driven design, research and testing analysis. The solution allows CPG companies to analyze products’ shelf performance, helping to promote better shopper experiences, operational efficiency and supplier collaboration without significant resource investment from retailers and CPGs.

Ethoca Launches Integrated Solution Suite To Fight Fraud

Ethoca has unveiled an Integrated Solution Suite designed to mitigate chargeback fraud that includes Ethoca Eliminator, Ethoca Alerts and Enhanced Representments. The first line of defense is Ethoca Eliminator, a solution that allows card issuers to tap into deep merchant intelligence (shopping cart details, IP address, account details, etc.) at the first moment a cardholder clicks on a transaction in their mobile banking app, or calls into their bank to question a transaction. This process enables cardholders to better recognize their own transactions, regardless of whether the intention to dispute is innocent or malicious, and it helps to deflect friendly fraud and disputes at the source. 

NuORDER Debuts Online Visual Merchandising Tool

NuORDER has launched Whiteboard, a visual merchandising tool designed to showcase brands’ product lines. Within the NuORDER platform, the new feature transforms static linesheets into interactive displays of a brand’s products. Viewing products in static spreadsheets or catalogs can make it difficult for retail buyers to visualize a complete product line, understand how products work together and select the right combination of products for their stores.

Limbic Media Launches Aurora Interactive Lighting Technology

Limbic Media has released Aurora, a plug-and-play lighting technology designed to transform traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences. Retailers can use the technology to create a multisensory experience designed to engage a shopper’s emotional stimuli once they enter the store. With younger shoppers often valuing experience as part of their brick-and-mortar journey, Aurora is designed to enable retailers to integrate these interactive lighting experiences into their products and marketing campaigns.

Helpshift Launches SensAI Customer Service Platform

Helpshift, a customer service platform, has released SensAI. SensAI uses AI to automate the customer service experience and enable brands to deliver personalized messaging-based support to their customers at scale. These messages are designed to make service interactions more human, while reducing time to resolution, optimizing operations, lowering overhead in the contact center and improving day-to-day life for agents.

Mercatus Updates Integrated Commerce Platform To Support Digital Coupons

Mercatus, a digital solutions provider for grocers, has enhanced its Integrated Commerce Platform to support digital coupons. The new offering integrates with the leading coupon platforms, including Inmar and Quotient, to serve personalized promotions for customers. Whether a grocery order takes place through click-and-collect or delivery, customers will be presented with all available digital coupons, along with any other offers that involve the additional purchase of other products.

Checkpoint Systems Debuts InterACT Suite

Checkpoint Systems, a supplier of electronic article surveillance (EAS) and RFID platforms, has released InterACT, a range of interactive solutions that utilize data collected from RFID-tagged merchandise. While RFID has historically been used primarily to improve inventory accuracy, InterACT enables retailers to use RFID-based inventory data to provide customers with recommendations and additional information about a product.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.