From Planning to Allocation, Toolio Helps with All Merchandising Activities

Toolio’s merchandising platform is designed to automate critical workflows, provide real-time insights and enable remote collaboration, empowering retailers to make faster, data-driven decisions about their most important (and expensive) asset — inventory.

Toolio aims to be a consolidated platform for all of a retailer’s merchandising activities and its capabilities include:

  • Merchandise Planning: Build, understand and maintain merchandise financial plans and open-to-buy with automation and real-time insights;
  • Assortment Planning: Develop home-run products leveraging attribute-based analysis, data-driven insights and visual line sheets;
  • Item Planning: Maintain optimal stock levels, increase inventory visibility and productivity, and improve demand planning accuracy; and
  • Allocation: Automate transfer orders generation to have your inventory at the right place at the right time.

The solution also offers planning and forecasting at different levels of the location and merchandise hierarchy (e.g. Division, Department, Class). The tool also is designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing tech stack, and most clients use NetSuite and Shopify Plus solutions for integrations.


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