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Cequence Introduces Security Platform To Defend Against Bot Attacks

Cequence Security has unveiled Cequence ASP, an application security platform designed to provide an effective, scalable defense against bot attacks affecting retailers. Financially-motivated malicious bot attacks can target a retailer’s web, mobile and API applications, and results can include click fraud, account takeover, fake accounts, API abuse, denial of inventory, gift card fraud, reputation damage and more. The platform’s analytics engine (CQAI) combines applied AI, machine learning and behavioral analysis designed to meet evolving security requirements, enabling security teams to:

Mercatus Launches Dispatch For Last Mile Fulfillment

Mercatus, a provider of digital grocery solutions, has unveiled Dispatch, a last mile delivery capability designed to enable grocers to maintain control of their customers’ shopping journey and establish consistency within their branded web site and mobile experience. Retailers using Mercatus Dispatch can enable their staff to manage order fulfillment through a streamlined three-step picking process, without having to invest more technology resources in their own infrastructure:

SensLynx Launches Seamless IoT Solutions Suite

SensLynx, a provider of GPS fleet and asset tracking solutions, has unveiled a Seamless IoT Solutions suite that includes capabilities such as LTE Primary Connectivity, Continuity Failover and a new proprietary SD-WAN technology. This solution can combine multiple wireless or wired networks (e.g. cable, DSL and broadband) into one connection designed to be unbreakable. Even if one network goes down, the others will continue to operate. Retail shoppers can benefit from “always on” connectivity and increased productivity.

NeWants Offers Gamified Flash Sales Platform

NeWants, a decentralized e-Commerce startup, offers tech, home and lifestyle products at up to a 95% discount through a socially driven gamified flash sales page. By leveraging the social media accounts of its buyers, affiliates and influencers as a shared resource, NeWants offers retailers an alternative to traditional, expensive marketing efforts. NeWants already has partnered with online fashion retailer Bluefly to offer interactive limited-availability products. The company’s affiliate program includes an interactive flash sales page, and it gives retailers the ability to virally share unique links and encourage others to enjoy the once-a-day gamified experience. This flash sales page requires shoppers to share the page in order to receive three chances for a higher discounted savings rate.

Energybox Launches New Software Platform

Energybox has introduced a new version of its software, designed to allow businesses to keep track of equipment and facilities in multiple locations. The flexible platform can enable improved consistency and quality across all platforms with real-time critical alerts and diagnostics sent directly to an email or text. Key features of the new software include:

Evergage Unveils AI-Powered Decisions Module

Evergage has introduced Evergage Decisions, a module designed to enable retailers to apply AI for automatically determining and delivering the optimal promotion or offer to each web site visitor, app user and email recipient. Contextual Bandit, the first algorithm introduced as part of the module, is designed to complement Evergage’s existing machine learning-driven, one-to-one personalization and recommendation capabilities.

CallMiner Updates Speech Analytics Platform For Call Centers

CallMiner has upgraded its real-time speech analytics module, Eureka Alert. It is now designed to support 10X the capacity of the previous version and integrate with existing agent desktops and workflows. Eureka Alert now enables users to monitor hundreds of thousands of agents concurrently.  Eureka Alert combines AI-driven automated transcription, redaction and alerting to provide real-time direction to contact center agents and supervisors. With these capabilities, users can drive specific outcomes within a call as it is occurring, or alert management of critical risk or customer experience issues.

AUGMENTes Develops AR-Based Apps For Virtual Product Viewing, Customization

AUGMENTes, a provider of comprehensive digital shopping solutions, offers customized augmented reality (AR) commerce mobile applications designed to enable retailers and manufacturers to enable their customers to: Virtually try products on themselves or in their own environment; Customize products and see the changes in real time; Record their AR experience with the products through pictures and video; Share their experience through any social media with a transactional link attached; and Place orders.

DeliveryCircle Launches KrewZen Delivery Network Builder

DeliveryCircle has unveiled KrewZen, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform providing retailers, 3PLs and distributors with the tools to build a local delivery network for same-day, last-mile delivery. The on-demand solution enables B2B and B2C enterprises to offer same-day delivery of everything from retail goods to auto parts to home health care supplies. Features include: Dashboard SLA monitoring, reporting and driver schedule management; Online logistics track-and-trace; Route optimization; and Document and signature capture.

Bizzabo Launches Ultra Branded Event App

Bizzabo, an event management software provider, has unveiled an event app designed to offer event managers fully customizable branding capabilities. The company has worked with brands including WeWork, Hubspot, GitHub, EA Sports, CoinDesk and Gainsight.

Springboard Retail Unveils Traffic Counting Solution

Springboard Retail, a cloud POS and end-to-end retail management platform designed to help retailers drives sales and margin, has launched SpringboardTRAC, an integrated foot traffic counting solution for independent retailers. The traffic counting solution is designed to offer users an affordable way to collect real-time traffic and conversion data, which they can view on Springboard’s dashboard and use in combination with sales metrics to gain valuable insights to expand their business.

Online Product Photography Delivers Professional Imagery For E-Commerce

Online Product Photography offers product photography services designed to help e-Commerce retailers effectively showcase their products to their best advantage, overcome consumer barriers and drive sales. Brands can use the company’s online platform to book a photography solution that is tailored to their needs. The company offers a variety of options for e-Commerce businesses, including: product photography, model photography, lifestyle photography, product video, 360 photography, ghost mannequin photography and hand model photography.

CommerceHub Launches Platform To Streamline Last Mile Delivery

CommerceHub has unveiled Active Delivery Management, an enterprise delivery management solution designed to streamline the last mile delivery process of large or bulk merchandise via white-glove, curbside or in-home delivery. Built in partnership with Convey, a delivery experience management platform provider, Active Delivery Management is designed to allow retailers to provide better customer experiences across an expanded assortment of items that are logistically and operationally complex to deliver. Retailers leveraging the platform can gain more revenue opportunities in product categories that require complex delivery orchestration, such as furniture, appliances and exercise equipment.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.