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Outlier Delivers Platform Designed To Inform Managers Of Data-Driven Trend Changes

Outlier offers retailers automated business analysis (ABA) software that monitors their data in real time and notifies managers of unexpected or dramatic change daily. Companies can use this information on data and behavioral changes to make quick business decisions to leverage changing customer preferences, modify marketing spend, optimize supply chains or inventory, alleviate criminal activity and more.

Magento Adds New Visualization Options To Business Intelligence Suite

Magento Business Intelligence, a cloud-based data management and visualization platform, has added new features to help retailers harness their data. The software consolidates information from their database, Magento extensions and third-party tools to deliver insights on questions about retention rates, returns and other relevant topics. The updated BI software will add three new visualization types, including scatter plots, scatter plots with a trend line and bubble charts. Bubble charts in particular will let retailers add third and fourth dimensions to their visual reports, letting them handle tasks like correlating the number of customers from specific sources grouped by region, how many orders they are placing and how much revenue they have driven.

Epson Launches New Printer Model With Mobile And Fixed Capabilities

Epson America has introduced the TM-T20III receipt printer, featuring a combination of dependable performance and the flexibility to support for both fixed POS consoles and newer mobile POS systems. The printer offers four different connectivity options — wireless, Ethernet, serial and older parallel connectivity — with wireless and Ethernet models offering support for printing from smart devices.

Mercatus Launches AisleOne Personalization Intelligence Engine

Mercatus, a provider of digital commerce solutions for grocers and other retailers, has launched the AisleOne personalization intelligence engine as an enhancement to the Mercatus Integrated Commerce Platform. AisleOne taps into shopper data and behavior and uses machine learning algorithms and AI to serve relevant e-Commerce product content to loyalty customers. AisleOne uses a deep well of shopper data from online and in-store inputs to automatically generate personalized catalogs and search results tailored to each individual shopper. This enables the software to instantly serve personalized product suggestions based on basket, past purchase and adjacent profile data to ensure relevant choices are shown every time.

Cerebri AI Debuts Platform Designed To Drive Personalization Across Customer Silos

Cerebri AI has launched the Cerebri Values CX v2 platform, which analyzes traditional shopper journeys across customer silos, including sales, marketing and support, to drive deep personalization. The insights, called Next Best Action{sets}, are driven by object-oriented AI and reinforcement learning modelling methods that time and value up to four events in a sequence. The AI models analyze billions of patterns in a diverse customer dataset to see what works with what customers, answering questions such as “If a customer buys a product, would it be likely for others to do the same?” This approach seeks to improve upon the capabilities of ‘rules-based’ or ‘AI-lite’ technology to drive maximum results.

Kustomer Harnesses AI To Offer Automated Customer Service Interactions

Kustomer has introduced KustomerIQ, a tool that embeds AI and machine learning across the Kustomer platform to enhance retailers’ customer service capabilities. KustomerIQ works with the platform’s data, workflow and rules engine to offer automated customer experiences designed to be more personalized and efficient. Retailers can use their own data to train the tool’s predictive machine learning models, automatically customizing them to address each company’s specific business needs. The models continue to learn and self-tune as more data is added, increasing their predictive accuracy and improving their decision capabilities.

JRNI Introduces Software To Personalize Appointment And Event Bookings

JRNI, formerly BookingBug, has launched Adaptable Journeys, a tool that helps retailers create highly personalized bookings. The software enables companies to leverage a configurable catalog of pre-designed templates to quickly implement bookings for appointments, events and queues. The templates come from an analysis of more than 70 million bookings from the past decade, resulting in 18 unique layout options and more than 50,000 different permutations to offer tailored customer booking experiences. The feature set includes the most commonly used scenarios to help retailers navigate the digital-to-physical divide. Offers Automated Tools To Improve Efficiency Among Deskless Workers, a mobile employee communication app, has launched new automated features designed to help non-desk employees improve and streamline their daily workloads. The Task Manager, Data Checklist and Biometric Authentication tools can help retailers ensure enterprise-wide compliance, operations and security, as well as provide insights on workforce management and increase overall productivity. Each part of the suite serves a role in assisting day-to-day operations:

Reflexis Leverages AI Designed To Improve Testing And Staffing Capabilities

Reflexis Systems, a real-time store operations workforce management solution provider, will offer solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to help retailers improve their operations and execution processes. Specific capabilities include improving the store pilot process (AI Decisions (A/B Testing)), accurately predicting future staffing levels (AI Staff Planner) and leveraging associate skills (AI Performance Manager). AI Decisions (A/B Testing) simplifies the pilot testing process by applying AI and machine learning models to pilot data sets. This lets retailers accelerate testing times and track performance in real time, and helps them interpret the results and scale test initiatives.

SML RFID Launches All-In-One RFID Tagging Solution

SML RFID, a full-service RFID solution provider, has launched RFID TotalCare, an all-in-one systemic package of the company’s item-level RFID tagging and software solutions. The suite aims to simplify compliance and adoption, reduce risk and maximize value in retail environments. TotalCare includes a complete range of RFID solutions, including tag development within current product categories and source tagging at the factory for improved inventory accuracy in stores and a complete suite of consulting services. An estimated 12% of the retail apparel and footwear market will have implemented RFID by the end of 2019, with 2020 potentially the biggest year for RFID implementation yet, and the solution seeks to catch the incoming wave of new adopters.

Threekit Offers Virtual Image Generation Tools

Threekit, a visual customer experience solution provider, has introduced a product visual platform that lets retailers create thousands of photorealistic, interactive 3D and AR visuals. The platform is designed to help companies create hyper-realistic visuals that can show off every customization, configuration, style, color, texture and size of a given product. Threekit also has launched Virtual Photographer, a software that creates product images for e-Commerce that are designed to look real but are completely computer-rendered. The tool seeks to save retailers the trouble of the photoshoot process, and enable them to create images for every single unit available.

Modular Lighting Instruments Emphasizes Customizable Lighting Solutions

Modular Lighting Instruments offers a variety of architectural lighting solutions for retailers. The company offers modular lighting options designed to help designers create new options and configurations that best suit their specific environment. The company’s LED lighting options are designed and made in-house, and come with CRI 90 for all color temperatures as a standard feature. Additionally, the fixtures are made out of aluminum as opposed to plastic to offer greater flexibility and customization.

Tiger Pistol Makes Locally Targeted Social Outreach Easier

Tiger Pistol, a third-party publisher of social advertising, helps retailers with hundreds or thousands of locations to deliver global-to-local social advertising campaigns at scale. The solution provider offers tools that can help retailers develop individual store pages customized for local audiences to maximize engagement. Tiger Pistol includes a social ad automation platform that helps retailers make posts that can drive foot traffic and influence purchasing decisions. Specific capabilities include:

Salesforce Boosts Commerce Cloud With Lightning Order Management

Salesforce has introduced Lightning Order Management, a tool designed to connect and automate the entire commerce order process. The solution brings together commerce, fulfillment and customer service to help retailers offer a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. The solution works with the overall Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which helps enable real-time inventory status, order updates, easy returns and other friction-reducing options. Specific capabilities of Lightning Order Management include:

UJET Debuts New Integrations For Customer Support Platform

UJET has launched a number of new capabilities for the UJET Customer Support Platform. These integrations and enhancements include new workforce management (WFM), quality management (QM) and CRM integration and configuration capabilities. The additional features include:
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.