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CommerceHub Launches Platform To Streamline Last Mile Delivery

CommerceHub has unveiled Active Delivery Management, an enterprise delivery management solution designed to streamline the last mile delivery process of large or bulk merchandise via white-glove, curbside or in-home delivery. Built in partnership with Convey, a delivery experience management platform provider, Active Delivery Management is designed to allow retailers to provide better customer experiences across an expanded assortment of items that are logistically and operationally complex to deliver. Retailers leveraging the platform can gain more revenue opportunities in product categories that require complex delivery orchestration, such as furniture, appliances and exercise equipment.

Poq Launches Visual Search, Currency Switcher Features

Poq has updated its platform to include three major features and a performance upgrade, four months after closing a $21 million funding round: Visual Search— An image recognition-powered feature designed to reduce the number of text-based searches and increase conversion rates, Visual Search enables shoppers to snap a picture or upload an already existing image (e.g. from Instagram or Pinterest) and quickly receive similar matches to their desired item — all on the app; Currency Switcher— Retailers can now add multiple currencies, allowing consumers to switch between countries and currencies and enabling retailers to target and engage customers beyond their borders; and iOS12— This latest update includes features that quicken in-app actions and group notifications, and increase control over app screen time. Poq leverages new iOS12 features and provides retailers with immediate support for the update to provide a smooth transition.

Curve Launches Machine Learning-Powered Sales Optimization Solution

Curve has unveiled a Sales Optimization solution designed to enable sellers to make decisions based on real-time insights and analysis. The solution allows merchants to use past and present customer and operations data to predict future behavior and trends. The company has invited Shopify e-Commerce merchants to a closed beta release of the solution. The platform uses machine learning-based prediction technology to allow retailers to forecast usage, products and services to increase revenue and optimize profitability. Curve provides a forecast on the number of guests expected to visit an e-Commerce site on a given day, what they’re expected to buy and how retailers can maximize future purchase activities. Retailers can use the platform for product correlation, special event marketing and shopping cart value optimization.

True Fit Launches True Insight, True 360 Solutions

True Fit, a footwear and apparel discovery platform, has unveiled two products: True Insight and True 360, which are designed to increase retailers’ comprehensive intelligence on the customer experience. The solutions can be used cross-functionally by different departments within one retail organization and provide retailers with individual reports, aggregated dashboards and consumer intelligence.

AdGreetz Delivers AI-Powered Video Personalization Platform For Targeted Ads

AdGreetz is a video personalization platform designed to use AI/machine learning to optimize creative and ad trafficking in real time, and ensure delivery of engaging and activating ads. The platform empowers brands to dynamically deploy millions of hyper-relevant, data-driven personalized video and display ads and messages. AdGreetz can be deployed to up to 21 channels, including email, an e-Commerce site, SMS and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3DLOOK Upgrades 3D Body Scanning Platform

3DLOOK, a mobile body scanning technology provider for apparel retailers, has launched a new version of its 3D body model generation, SAIA 3D V2.0. The platform is designed to solve sizing problems, increase conversions and lower return rates for e-Commerce retailers. The SAIA 3D proprietary technology uses computer vision, neural networks and 3D statistical models, enabling businesses to generate 3D body models from two front- and side-facing photos that consumers can take with a smartphone. With these photos, the technology can capture sizing trends, market segments and analytics about a retailer’s customers. The technology works on any background; users can choose to have someone take a photo of them or take a selfie in a full-length mirror.

Zuora Launches Orders Feature For Subscription Retailers

Zuora has unveiled a new Orders feature for its central platform, designed to help give subscription companies increased order flexibility, a new set of metrics to follow and complete order-to-revenue automation. Retailers can use the upgraded platform to rapidly acquire customers across multiple channels, manage the entire customer lifecycle and automate revenue recognition, all in a single solution. For example, a retailer can track an individual shopper’s access to a product over a yearlong period, whether that access is signing up for a basic subscription, upgrading to a premium version, suspending the subscription or renewing it.

One Door Launches Planogram Connector for Merchandising Cloud

One Door, a cloud-based visual merchandising software provider, has introduced Planogram Connector for its Merchandising Cloud application. The solution combines product and promotional visual merchandising with store information to provide every location with a unique and interactive merchandising plan. As many as 82% of stores still receive planograms as static documents, either as PDFs or image files, and as a result store teams handle an average of 41,600 printed planogram pages per year, according to a survey conducted by One Door. With the new feature, visual merchandisers and retailer space planners can incorporate data from their planogramming applications into the mobile-optimized, interactive plans shared with stores using Merchandising Cloud.

Branch Messenger Unveils Real-Time Payroll Access For Hourly Employees

Branch Messenger has launched the Branch Pay feature, a technology directly connected to an employee’s schedule that is designed to give hourly workers instant access to earnings after each shift. The Branch technology will allow workers to tap into wages at a cadence dictated by the number of hours worked in a given pay period. Requiring no integration with a retailer’s existing payroll system, the employee can opt into Branch Pay after downloading the Branch application and connecting it to their bank account.

Tobii Pro Launches Sprint Eye-Tracking Design Tool

Tobii Pro, an eye-tracking research solutions provider, has unveiled Tobii Pro Sprint, a web-based tool that facilitates user testing of digital products and services. Tobii Pro Sprint allows UX designers to view and/or record the test participants' eye movements while using their service or product on a computer equipped with a Tobii eye tracker. For example, a retailer needing to streamline navigation and the number of steps in the checkout process on its e-Commerce site can turn to the eye-tracking platform to help convert site visitors to buyers.

Hitachi Solutions America Launches Accelerated Retail Implementation Program

Hitachi Solutions America, a provider of Microsoft Cloud-powered business solutions, has launched its Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation, a pre-configured program designed to give retailers faster time-to-market of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other products related to ERP, CRM, field service and IoT. From beginning to end, retail solutions can be deployed within 16 weeks.  Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation is designed to enable retailers to adapt to the reality of connected consumers and their changing demands. Additionally, the technology enables large retail organizations to perform proof-of-value testing, to get a thorough understanding of the solution and learn how to develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

Epson Partners With ShopKeep To Offer SMB Solution

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ShopKeep has partnered with Epson America to offer a solution that helps SMB retailers and restaurants improve operational efficiency and customer service. ShopKeep has certified the Epson TM-m10 POS and TMU220 receipt printers, offering the products to its 25,000+ retail and hospitality merchants.

ThoughtWire Integrates With Mappedin To Provide IoT-Based Store Mapping Guides

Mappedin has integrated its mapping and wayfinding technology into commercial IoT applications from ThoughtWire, an operations performance management platform provider. The integrated solution is designed to change how retail property owners and building operations managers oversee and guide partners, tenants and consumers through retail and other commercial building spaces. ThoughtWire will embed Mappedin’s technology initially within its Smart Building Suite, which is designed to: Improve spatial awareness and intelligence of indoor spaces; Accelerate data collection; Overlay IoT devices on intuitive maps; and Make insights actionable.

Paysafe Launches ‘Accelerated Funding’ For U.S. SMBs

Paysafe has launched Paysafe Accelerated Funding, a suite of same- or next-day funding settlement options for U.S.-based small businesses (SMBs). This offering leverages PayPal’s collaboration with and Ingo Money to help digitize merchant settlement for real-time funding transactions. The portfolio includes three separate funding options: Express Funding, Same-Day Funding, and Next-Day Funding. All three options enable merchants to acquire their funds faster, but each requires the retailer to apply for funding before a specific time. Express Funding enables merchants to receive their available funds within a few hours via a linked debit card, during weekdays as well as on weekends and holidays, as long as the owner applies before 6 pm ET. Owners must apply for Same-Day Funding by 8 am ET, and Next-Day Funding by 11 pm ET.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.