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True Fit Partners With Snaps For Personalized Conversational Commerce

True Fit has integrated Snaps, a conversational AI platform, to help brands build relationships with consumers through conversational marketing and commerce. The platform lets retailers harness automated conversations to acquire new customers, increase lifetime value and improve the customer experience at scale.

ARC Helps Retailers Access Analytics And Knowledge Base To Meet Business Goals

The Paciello Group has launched the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC), an accessibility platform designed to let retail managers and teams access analytics, issue reports, eLearning modules, a knowledge base of developer techniques and support. All these tools are available from a single location, helping retailers optimize their accessibility-related assets and activities.

Seiko Instruments Introduces New Lightweight Printer

The Seiko Instruments Thermal Printer Division has updated its line of printing solutions with the launch of the MP-B30. This compact, lightweight printer can withstand drops of up to six feet, and is designed for use in both retail and warehouse settings.
The MP-B30 prints high-resolution receipts at a rate of five inches per second, and features a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces, as well as the ability to withstand temperatures from -4° F to 131° F. Seiko also offers a number of other mobile printers: The MP-B20 Series, which weighs less than one pound, can withstand drops of up to five feet and prints high-resolution receipts at three inches per second; The MP-B40 Series, which weighs 1.5 pounds, can withstand drops from up to 6.6 feet and prints high-resolution receipts at 100 millimeters per second; and The DPU-S Series, which features a lightweight design, can withstand drops of up to four feet and prints receipts at up to 100 mm/second.

Star Micronics Enables Promotion Campaigns Printed On Receipts

Star Micronics, a manufacturer of mobile, POS and customer engagement technologies, has launched PromoPRNT, a tool that lets retailers create promotions that appear directly on receipts. Once the campaign is set up, the solution automatically adds incentives and bonuses to shoppers’ receipts and informs them about new deals and promotions.

SpotOn Offers Payment Suite Through A Single Dashboard

SpotOn, a software and payment solution provider, provides a platform that combines payments with a suite of customer engagement tools. By integrating these features into a single dashboard, retailers can effectively connect with customers to encourage repeat visits, while also connecting their marketing efforts to transaction data for a clear view of their ROI.

Chargebee Automates Subscription Fulfillment, Billing And Management

Chargebee, a subscription management solution provider, offers a recurring order management system designed to help subscription e-Commerce businesses manage orders seamlessly and streamline operation flows from order creation through fulfillment. The tool can handle subscriptions, subscription billing and order management on a single platform.

Wiliot Creates Stamp-Sized, Battery-Free Bluetooth Sensor Tags

Wiliot, a developer of semiconductors, has introduced a sticker-sized Bluetooth sensor tag powered solely by scavenging energy from ambient radio frequencies. These stamp-sized transponders can communicate with smartphones, WiFi access points and IoT devices, and connect to digital displays, WiFi and LTE cellular networks.

Cerebri AI Quantifies Loyalty Through AI And Machine Learning

Cerebri AI has introduced the Cerebri Values system, which provides a universal measure of customer experience. The tool uses a patent-pending machine learning model to analyze each touch point across the shopper journey, letting it calculate a single metric quantifying that customer’s commitment to a brand or product, at any point in time, expressed in monetary terms.

JDA Launches Control Tower To Eliminate Supply Chain Disruptions

JDA has launched the JDA Luminate Control Tower, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that lets companies see, interpret and act on real-time information across the entire supply chain and third-party digital ecosystem. The tool is designed to enable retailers to sense unexpected events, identify the potential impact and prescribe corrective actions with machine learning-based guidance.

Yaguara Leverages Real-Time Analytics For Smart Recommendations

Yaguara, a growth management platform, is designed to help e-Commerce retailers combine real-time data with AI analysis, to produce smart recommendations that tie actionable tasks to high-level objectives and key results. These recommendations can enable retailers to deliver timely predictive insights to teams down to the individual level. 
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.