Z Gallerie Asks Customers ‘What’s Your Style Personality?’

Home furniture and décor retailer Z Gallerie wants to find out the true “Style Personality” of each of its consumers in order to provide them with more personalized content. The campaign, which uses the kind of self-assessment quiz popular on many social media sites, has already generated:

  • 1.5 times more engagement via display ads featuring personalized product images;

  • 1.4 times more average order value for customers engaging with the Style Personality quiz; and

  • 100,000 customers signing up for Style Personalities, 40,000 of which are new customers.


As part of its overall strategy of appealing to a broader group of consumers, Z Gallerie created a Style Personality quiz that asks consumers about their shopping, fashion, design and decorating preferences. The retailer created five Style Personalities, aligning each one with tailored product assortments designed to appeal to a wide range of consumer aesthetics. The Personalities include:

  • Calmly Collected;

  • Glamorous Regency;

  • Naturally Luxe;

  • Trend Twist; and

  • Urban Modernist.

Upon completing the quiz, customers receive an email detailing which Style Personality they generated, and then another email that directs them to a landing page with numerous products aligned with the select personality. A third, final email encourages consumers to follow Z Gallerie social pages on Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz.

Based on the results from these Style Personalities, consumers receive tailored landing pages, emails, ads, social images, catalogs and even interactions with store associates that focus on products of interest.

“We decided that if we don’t have the technology to tell us who these customers are, let’s engage customers, have them raise their hand and tell us who they are through a quiz,” said Chris Nicklo, VP of Customer and Chief Marketing Officer at Z Gallerie. “We see quizzes becoming very popular among social media, and we thought it would really be a fun way for customers to get engaged and be able to understand for themselves what their aesthetic was.”

Z Gallerie’s ultimate goal is making the Style Personalities the center of the consumer experience, integrating the concept through both its digital and physical sales channels.

“We launched Style Personalities in our stores in September 2015,” Nicklo said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We trained all 700 associates on being able to help customers understand their Style Personality. Every month, we give our associates new product recommendations through the lens of each Style Personality, so once they have a customer in front of them that is taking the quiz, they can recommend the right product to them.”

Nicklo indicated that the Z Gallerie team was very confident the campaign would be successful when it launched Style Personality quizzes to its existing customer base via email in November 2015. The email was the retailer’s highest in terms of open rate and engagement that month: “When you’re up against Black Friday and you  have an email that’s not promotionally related, and it engages the customer to such an extent, you know you’re onto something.”

Curalate Takes Style Social

To bring life to the imagery associated with each Style Personality, Z Gallerie reached out to visual commerce platform Curalate. The retailer used the Curalate Fanreel platform to generate shoppable user-generated content that consumers could post on Instagram.

“If there is a photo that a customer took in their house styled with one of our dining tables, we could easily tag products to that user-generated content and make it shoppable,” said Loren Mattia, Content Marketing Manager for Z Gallerie. “It’s a different way to shop, and it’s a better way for us to showcase each personality in real-life settings.”

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