Pear Tree Greetings And Brand Partners Launch New E-Commerce Sites For Holiday 2015 Featured

  • Written by  Glenn Taylor
Pear Tree Greetings And Brand Partners Launch New E-Commerce Sites For Holiday 2015

To successfully compete in the increasingly competitive e-Commerce space, pureplay retailers need to ensure that their web sites are optimized to provide the best possible customer experience.

Pear Tree Greetings, Invitations by Dawn, and Ann’s Bridal Bargains, a family of brand partners selling holiday cards and stationery items, have enlisted on-demand SaaS e-Commerce platform KalioCommerce to ramp up their online shopping experiences. The brands aim to officially launch their sites by the 2015 holiday season so consumers can purchase cards and customize products such as invitations for special occasions and events. KalioCommerce is designed to integrate with the brands’ back office and customized product configuration systems.

“Consumers can upload a photo, and change colors and text,” said Stephanie Bottner, General Manager of Pear Tree Greetings. “They really make this product their own. Personalization is a huge part of what we do. When I saw that KalioCommerce did personalization with other clients, that was the first point that really stood out.”

The platform also is designed to help the brands better keep pace with rapidly changing e-Commerce trends, and roll out new features and functionalities more seamlessly. Core business teams can make web site updates without relying heavily on IT resources or going through long development cycles.

“The solution will give me more flexibility to highlight the products that I want to highlight, whether it’s top-selling products or favorite products,” Bottner said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “These are merchandising decisions, so just in the work we’ve done so far, I can see where we can bring out the best in our products. It would have taken hundreds of hours to be able to take on a large project of that nature prior to working with KalioCommerce.”

Merchandising teams will be able to implement more A/B tests to determine site elements and design concepts are most successful. All brands have access to KalioCommerce senior front-end developers and merchandising consultants who will help team members effectively leverage the platform and all corresponding data.

“There are a lot of discussions, learning and a-ha moments that go into this, and sometimes you need to hear this information more than once to actually understand how it functions,” Bottner stated. “They have been with us step by step, and they’re really clear with schedules and expectations for both sides.”

Moving into the holiday season, the brands will implement a series of best practices to help boost customer engagement and conversions. For instance, the brands plan to guide customers along the browsing and buying journey by helping them find the right product for their personalization needs. After all, Bottner noted that Pear Tree consumers are 10 to 30 times more likely to convert on a purchase once they start personalizing a project.

Pear Tree and its sister brands also plan to implement automated product recommendations. “It’s something that Amazon and other companies use regularly that we’ve never been able to have,” Bottner noted. “That automation will give consumers the chance to see how other people are shopping and making purchases they’re interested in. Before, we had to run a lot of reports to figure out who actually buys each product and individually upload it to our system. Now the process can free us up to take care of other things.”

Through 2016, KalioCommerce will help the three brands improve search engine optimization and overall visibility on various search engines.

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