Nine West Boosts Email Collection Rate 225% With Persistence And Discounts

Sometimes the simplest solutions yield the most impressive results. Footwear retailer Nine West was able to increase the number of new web site visitors providing their email addresses by 225%, simply by having a “15% off initial purchase” promotional message “follow” these users throughout their entire browsing session.

In addition to fattening Nine West’s stock of customer emails, the tactic also boosted online conversion rates by 8%, said Ryan Butterworth, Director of Web Analytics and Optimization, Nine West. The retailer used an email-matching API to ensure site visitors didn’t game the system by providing fake addresses just to get the discount. Butterworth spoke at a Customer Experience seminar sponsored by Qubit in New York City earlier this month.

As impressive as these results were, they are only part of Nine West’s overall personalization strategy, designed to increase the retailer’s knowledge about its customer base, improve its existing loyalty program and sharpen its product recommendation capabilities. For 2016, Nine West has a “personalization roadmap” for online that could potentially include:


Geolocation tools tied to new visitor welcome messages;

• Personalizing web page presentations based on the real-time weather in the user’s location;

• Personalization based on who referred the visitor to the Nine West site; and

“Shop Your Size” functionality, with the site featuring only items that are available in the customer’s size. “We’ve had strong results with this via email programs, but we would also like to create a seamless experience if we know a customer’s size before they visit the site, so that we can better tailor the experience,” said Butterworth.

Another potential program that is still in the scoping phase would be designed to reduce cart abandonment in real time. “When a user has created a basket but then moves the cursor to close the window, a pop-up offering 10% off or free shipping would come up,” Butterworth explained.

The retailer uses solutions from Qubit to manage its testing and also for the more sophisticated personalization Nine West has planned for this year. Qubit has also helped the retailer determine the optimal time of day to hold flash sales, and has increased participation in these sales by showing a countdown timer on the web page, reminding visitors that they only have a certain number of minutes left to shop. “Qubit has helped us turn these things around more quickly,” said Butterworth.

“We’re excited about what’s happening this year,” Butterworth added. “We aim to increase conversions as well as the number of new customer signups and the size of our CRM database.”

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