Clarks Americas Sees 13% Increase In Conversion Rates With Yottaa

Shoppers are hopping between desktops, laptops and mobile devices throughout the day and during the entire browsing and buying journey. As a result, it is imperative that retailers create a seamless and visually pleasing online shopping experience across all devices and screen sizes.

Clarks Americas, a division of global shoe brand Clarks Shoes, has experienced a 13% increase in online conversions since deploying the Yottaa Engagement Cloud. The platform is designed to improve online engagement and optimize e-Commerce sales.

The Clarks Americas e-Commerce team initially sought a solution to help deliver a consistent, user-friendly experience on desktops/laptops, as well as smartphones and tablets. Specifically, the retailer wanted to improve web site performance and load times for the 2013 holiday season.


Soon after deployment, Clarks Americas saw an increase in key performance metrics such as pages per visit and visit duration. The retailer also saw a drop in web site bounce rates.

“Ultimately, what we saw is that the traffic responded in that peak season to a multitude of activities that we had going on,” said Rick Almeida, Director of e-Commerce at Clarks Americas, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “What we were able to do is sustain the load and the traffic. I think some of these other metrics really demonstrated that it was a positive win for us. When you take a full picture, Yottaa was part of the supporting cast that allowed us to deliver to our consumers during that peak season.”

Almeida described Yottaa as an “extension of our team” that continues to support Clarks in both web site testing and optimization. Clarks plans to use the Engagement Cloud over the next several financial quarters to improve web site features and functionality.

“Yottaa demonstrated to Clarks from an account service standpoint that they’d be willing to support us in our future opportunities as we moved into 2014,” Almeida said. “And that there were greater capabilities beyond what we had that would really enable us to increase not only our reliability and stability, but also our web site optimization.”

Tailoring The Online Shopping Experience

With Yottaa, Clarks Americas can render images and prioritize content sequencing based on user context, such as their level of interaction, timing or device type.

“Application sequencing provides the ability to define that customized experience for every visitor,” said Ariel Weil, VP of Products at Yottaa. “Clarks Americas tells us what they want to achieve and then we implement that for them. They also can maintain it themselves through a web portal.”

Clarks Americas also has access to A/B testing, so the team can track web site performance with and without assistance from Yottaa. During the testing process, Yottaa can redirect a portion of web site traffic based on filtering criteria provided by the retailer such as seasonal purchases or year-over-year comparisons, according to Weil. As a result, Clarks Americas can track site performance, and make improvements as needed.

“The reason we want to do that is two-fold,” Weil said. “One is partly for ourselves, so that we understand the benefits we’re providing our customers. It’s also for our customers so that they start to have a more concrete grasp of identifying what improvements are being made based on all of their marketing e-Commerce campaigns versus what benefits the Yottaa platform itself is providing their business.”



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