Barnstormer Winery Improves The Tasting Experience With SalesVu

Barnstormer Winery is a multi-faceted business. The boutique winery, which is located in a historic barn on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes of New York, produces more than 2,000 cases of wine per year and offers 18 different labels of wine and craft beer and cider. As part of its Tasting Room experience, Barnstormer Winery serves customers wine and beer, as well as locally sourced meats and cheeses.

Because the company has so many moving parts, and so much inventory, it requires a seamless yet robust solution to manage inventory, track sales and customer information, and complete transactions.

“Our business has grown exponentially in a short amount of time as we attempt to keep up with demand from vintage to vintage, growing our production 300% in the first three harvests,” said Scott Bronstein, Owner of Barnstormer Winery. “Our online presence stays steady until we find the need to expand shipping our product to other states.”


After testing a several different POS systems for the iPad, Barnstormer implemented SalesVu. “Not only was it inexpensive and available across operating systems, its ease-of-use, flexibility, online capabilities, and data tracking were all key factors in choosing SalesVu over its competitors,” Bronstein said. The team’s favorite features include: Sales tracking, customer organization, purchase order setup and inventory tracking and reports.

All features integrate seamlessly with other systems that Barnstormer Winery uses for accounting, scheduling and newsletters, among others, according to Bronstein. Even better: “It’s all available at your fingertips wherever an Internet connection is available.”

Since implementing SalesVu in August 2013, the solution provider has helped Barnstormer Winery increase efficiency, especially as the company added two additional POS areas within the Tasting Room. By adding two additional iPads, Barnstormer Winery employees can be more mobile around the bar and bring the POS to the customer.

Over the last few years, Barnstormer Winery has added a large number of retail and food items into the system, as well as discounts, inventory, employees and more.

Although 99% of the winery’s sales take place in the Tasting Room, Barnstormer also operates an e-Commerce site that delivers products to consumers in New York. Although the company doesn’t currently use SalesVu’s e-Commerce functionality, “we may use it in the future once we expand our shipping capabilities, depending on our web site services provider and programmer,” Bronstein said. “We may also take some time to explore the new scheduling feature for employees.”

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