Baby Gift Retailer Estella Triples Online Conversions With AdRoll

The vast majority (87%) of consumers at some point abandon their online shopping carts, according to Silverpop research. Although these shoppers may appear to be lost opportunities,75% say they will return to complete the purchase.

But how can retailers successfully entice customers to return to the e-Commerce site and complete a transaction? Estella, a luxury baby gift retailer, uses retargeting solutions from AdRoll to tackle shopping cart abandonment and re-engage previous web visitors.

As a small and growing business, Estella focuses on acquiring and retaining customers online, while keeping conversion costs low.


“Attracting new customers is the biggest hurdle for us right now,” said Chike Chukwulozie, Co-Founder of Estella. “With all the competition, it is hard for the little guy to get heard, so once we do it is important that we engage.”

Dissatisfied with the work of past retargeting partners, Estella tested AdRoll and quickly saw positive results. Within a few months of the initial implementation in April 2013, Estella tripled online conversion rates. The retailer also has achieved a 2.9-times ROI for the overall investment.

“AdRoll just worked,” said Chukwulozie in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We used an AdRoll competitor before and did not see a worthwhile ROI. And with AdRoll and constant optimization, our ROI improved and became healthy.”

To stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace, Estella leverages a variety of retargeting methods to recover abandoned carts and reconnect with past customers. For one campaign, Estella used AdRoll to send organic reminders throughout the web that would bring shoppers back to the site and purchase items they had browsed during past visits.

“AdRoll presents us in the best light across the Internet,” Chukwulozie noted. “It positions our ads in places that are natural and where we want to be placed from a branding aspect. It’s given us the ability to compete with bigger brands and bigger companies.”

But in the end, a compelling offer always is effective in driving traffic and sales, according to Chukwulozie. “The most successful message is the offer to come back and enjoy a discount. Customers like that.”

Estella’s retargeting campaigns also are successful because AdRoll works with the retailer on an ongoing basis to highlight the status of current initiatives, and necessary steps to improve performance, Chukwulozie explained. “AdRoll manages and optimizes [the campaigns]. While I could have done that myself, the learning curve would have been steeper, plus I would not have had the time to devote to it.”

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