Westfield Taps Broadsign To Power Digital Media Screens

Westfield Taps Broadsign To Power Digital Media Screens

Westfield Corporation has teamed up with Broadsign International, a digital out-of-home marketing platform, to power its existing digital media network of 500 screens in 18 flagship shopping centers across the U.S. Westfield also will integrate its inventory with Broadsign Control to automate the delivery of targeted and contextual messaging and advertisements.

The partnership includes an integration with audience analytics software from Quividi, a digital signage analytics and interactivity service, to determine demographics and add further context to the campaigns through behavioral and environmental triggers such as weather and location data. The signage will use TINT, a provider of social media aggregation and content curation tools, to stream user-generated social media content to screens in real time.

“When the right content is displayed to the right audience, advertising and messaging is complementary to the shopper experience,” said Charley DeLana, EVP of Brand Ventures at Westfield in a statement. “We want to provide advertisers with every opportunity to reach consumers in interesting and exciting ways, and Broadsign allows us to execute on this forward-thinking vision.”

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