Webinar Spotlights AAPI Entrepreneurs

Five leading and emerging Asian and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs will share their stories of the challenges involved in launching and operating brands as a member of a minority group during an interactive webinar airing May 26, 2022 at 1 p.m. Eastern. The webinar, presented by product discovery platform RangeMe, will feature:

“With over a third of executives rating diversity and inclusion as an important industry issue, and two out of three job candidates seeking companies with a diverse workplace, it is pertinent that we as an industry leader support the AAPI business community to thrive in the current marketplace,” said Brandon Leong, SVP of Marketing and Growth at RangeMe in a statement. “This webinar will provide CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs looking to grow in the CPG sphere with an effective toolkit along with invaluable insights from AAPI success stories with lived experience of running a brand day-to-day.”

The AAPI community represents a diverse segment of the U.S. population with a rich cultural mix: more than 100 languages are spoken and over 50 ethnic groups are accounted for under the term. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders also have the highest rate of business ownership among all minority-owned businesses.




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