TechStyle Highlights Female Empowerment In The Future Of Women Campaign

TechStyle Highlights Female Empowerment In The Future Of Women Campaign

TechStyle Fashion Group has launched The Future of Women, a public awareness campaign designed to celebrate and amplify the stories of female pioneers worldwide. The initiative is designed to highlight inspirational female role models for women and girls across the globe.

The program includes portraits of women on site and on Instagram at @WhatsYourHeadline. Each portrait features a headline about the subject’s chief contribution, along with text offering more detail about her accomplishments. The photos were taken by award-winning photographer Amanda Demme, who will continue working with TechStyle to present the portraits in gallery-like spaces at women’s conferences and events.


The Future of Women will build further momentum by promoting these stories across TechStyle’s other brands, digital and social platforms, as well as through creative collaborations with influencers, media partners and other organizations. The campaign already has several partners:

  • PopSugar, a woman-focused media platform;
  • WORLDZ, a global innovation summit; and
  • Near Future Summit, a conference that discusses new solutions to existing problems.

“As a company with more than 60% women in executive positions, we know firsthand the powerful impact female leadership can have on young women,” said Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer, TechStyle Fashion Group, in a statement. “We are proud to be allies of female empowerment and want to use our global platform to share the stories of fearless women who lead by example. I hope that, through the Future of Women, we can do our part to push for continued societal change and ensure women everywhere have the confidence they need to chase their dreams.”

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