Stores Localize Online Offerings Via Social Commerce Tool

1-Radius8New Jersey-based retail tech startup Radius8 has added cloud-based tools that allow retailers to drive foot traffic directly to their stores using Facebook. 

The new suite of tools, called R8 Social, enables retailers to take advantage of Facebook’s local advertising features by forging a direct connection between brick-and-mortar stores and the Facebook ad platform, giving retailers the ability to respond to local market dynamics. 

Sponsored Facebook posts generated through the R8 Social platform allow customers to view and reserve curated items that are in-stock and available for pickup in their local store. Retailers can track store visits and sales attributed to the curated Facebook ad while providing greater exposure for what’s available in their local stores.


“Facebook’s local advertising capabilities only go so far,” said Sandeep Bhanote, Co-Founder and CEO of Radius8 in a statement. “Retailers still need a mechanism to organize and share local store assortment. The ability of retailers to leverage data they already have, combined with local analytics and trends powered by the R8 platform, gives brick-and-mortar stores local context on Facebook. It’s like giving these retailers a ‘digital lasso’ to capture and entice new customers, driving much-needed foot traffic into the store.”



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