Rent The Runway Offers Lower-Price Subscription Option

Rent the Runway has announced that it will launch a less expensive version of its unlimited subscription service, RTR Unlimited. This original service, priced at $159 per month, offered subscribers four garments at any given time, with the option of swapping for different items within each 30-day period. The new service gives customers the option to rent just a single set of four items per month for $89.

In addition, Rent the Runway has enhanced its mobile app to provide customers with personalized rental suggestions, similar to what Netflix does. The company has also expanded its inventory, offering clothing that ranges from size 0 to size 22.

While Rent the Runway is known for its formal gown and cocktail dress rental services, the subscription program also includes pants, jackets and sweaters. The strategy behind the service is part of Rent the Runway’s overarching effort to democratize fashion and marks the next step in making its services available to everyone.


“Rent the Runway has always been about giving everyone access to fashion,” said Jennifer Hyman, Co-Founder and CEO of Rent the Runway in a statement. “Just having the RTR Unlimited plan, which serves millions of women, we weren’t getting at everyone. With $89 we’re still not. We would need to have a $50 a month subscription to truly get at everyone in the U.S., and mark my words, someday we will. But this is the next step to taking RTR much broader.”

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