Pretargeting Solution Uses Visual Recognition To Boost Click-Through

A new solution from myThings is able to analyze an online shoppers’ intent by identifying visual parameters of search items, such as shape, outline, color and texture.  The pretargeting product helps to direct shoppers to pages and products they have an interest in, based on their previous search and page visits.

In a six-month testing period, the myThings pretargeting solution increased click-through rates by five times, the company reported. “Just like paid search, it is an intelligent method to acquire new users by leveraging intent data,” according to myThings in a company press release.

To explain the solution, myThings pointed to a shopper looking for a coffee machine. Once the user searches for “coffee machine,” or visits a page displaying a coffee machine, the site will offer a banner showing similar machines.


Founded in 2005, myThings offers personalized display advertising solutions for online retailers in 16 countries, including the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia and Japan. A selection of clients include: ToysRUs, McAfee, Adidas, KLM, T-Mobile and Microsoft Store.

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