PetSmart Takes A Customer-Centric Approach To Pricing

1petsmartPetSmart continues to transform its pricing strategies with a more strategic, data-driven approach across the full customer lifecycle. The retailer has expanded its partnership with Revionics to leverage its entire suite of solutions, which includes:

  • Revionics Price Suite (which the retailer has used since 2014);
  • Promotion Suite (which includes Promotions Performance Analysis); and
  • Markdown Suite.

PetSmart also is working with Revionics to enhance its customer-focused pricing approach, offering its pricing team robust training and process improvements to deliver more relevant pricing, upgrade its promotions and track the effectiveness of its programs.

“We look forward to expanding our use of Revionics’ data-driven technology,” said Steve Luoma, VP of Pricing at PetSmart in a statement. “The full portfolio of solutions will help us provide even greater value to our pet parents and further enhance the overall customer experience.”

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