Manhattan Associates Launches Customer Engagement Solution With Social Listening

1manhattanManhattan Associates, Inc. has unveiled a new Customer Engagement solution designed to deliver personalized shopping experiences. Part of the Manhattan Active Omni platform, the product is designed to connect customer conversations on social media with real-time order information, to give associates a full picture of each customer’s buying journey.

Customer Engagement works with Manhattan’s Enterprise Order Management solution to predict and identify potential issues, and provide solutions to them before they become problems. Key features include:

  • Customer Profile and Analytics, designed to deliver real-time, updated customer profile and metrics driven by current and historical orders, performance against commitments and aggregated data;
  • Case Management, actively built within the ordering system of record. Customer Engagement gives associates the ability to open, manage, escalate and resolve customer issues directly;
  • Social Listening and Communication, a native integration to social channels within the ordering system of record, designed to increase customer service reach and reduce response times for customer needs; and
  • Associate and Manager Dashboards, which provide command and control over the customer experience with a comprehensive view of customer history and the ability to monitor daily work activity.
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