Inmar Intelligence and Convey Partner to Improve Returns CX

With returns of online purchases rising 148% in 2020 based on year-over-year comparisons, according to the National Retail Federation, retailers are seeking to improve the shopper’s experience while also streamlining the many elements involved in processing returns.

Inmar Intelligence, a services company processing 600 million consumers returns annually, and Delivery Experience Management (DEM) provider Convey are partnering to combine their offerings into one integrated solution providing end-to-end visibility. The collaboration is designed to help omnichannel retailers and dedicated online sellers manage the increasing complexities of ecommerce delivery, exchanges and returns while ensuring shoppers enjoy a reliable seller-branded experience.

As part of this agreement, Convey has joined Inmar Intelligence’s Innovator Ecosystem as a Platform Accelerator. The companies’ combined solution will feature unified consumer communications, data capture capabilities and comprehensive returns management to help maximize both visibility and functionality.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Inmar at such a critical time for retailers,” said Michael Streitberger, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Convey in a statement. “Bringing together data from across the last mile — from fulfillment to delivery and returns — retailers are able to take a holistic approach to optimize their operations and improve decision making with a 360-degree view of SKU and carrier performance. They also benefit from the ability to proactively communicate with customers in a consistent, branded way across all touch points to transform shoppers into lifelong customers.” 




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