General Pants Enhances In-Store Experience With Interactive Kiosks

General Pants Co.
, an Australian fashion retailer, has developed and implemented new interactive kiosks that leverage the Retail Enterprise Selling and Warehouse Management software from Epicor.

The kiosks are designed to create a unique shopping experience to guide, inform and entertain customers, according to a press release. The retailer has deployed the technology in 10 stores across New South Wales, and will add kiosks to its additional 47 stores throughout Australia by February 2014.

Fusing music, fashion and social media, the new iPad-based kiosks are helping General Pants Co. provide customers with a compelling, omnichannel shopping experience. For example, the kiosks enable an endless aisle approach, so if a product isn’t available in a store, consumers can find the product via the kiosk, order it and either have it shipped to the store or to their home.


“There are plenty of buzz words going around — omnichannel, bricks-and-clicks, user experience,” said Craig King, CEO of General Pants. “Rather than fall into a category, we took a step back and focused on what our customers were doing. We asked ourselves what are we doing for them, how can we better communicate our stories and how do we enrich their experience? Our responses helped conceptualize the kiosks.” 



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