Electronic Express Adopts Omnichannel Solution Suite

Electronic ExpressElectronic Express store has selected the Jesta I.S. retail platform to support its goal of unified commerce. The Nashville-based retailer, which was founded in 1983 as a single 80-square-foot store, has grown into the largest independent consumer electronics and appliance retailer in Tennessee. However, rapidly increasing e-Commerce sales had created a significant challenge — integrating online data with systems supporting the retailer’s 16 stores.

“We were essentially operating in silos,” said Sam Yazdian, CEO of Electronic Express in a statement. “Providing the best customer experience is our top priority, but we were running on legacy systems that did not talk to each other, and it was preventing us from growing and delivering on our promise of a distinguished shopping experience for our customers.”

Electronic Express will leverage the Jesta Merchandising, Point Of Sale, Gift Card, Loyalty, Distributed Order Management, Financials and WMS modules, along with advanced Business Intelligence, reporting and mobile capabilities. The order management module will allow the retailer to process omnichannel orders originating from both store and e-Commerce channels, while optimizing fulfillment and delivery based on customer preferences. The analytics and mobile tools will enable strategic decision-making and enhance shopper experiences by fostering highly individualized interactions between clients and associates.

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