EBay Launches Holiday Toy Pop-Up Store And Catalog

The latest retailer to bid for a larger share of the holiday toy market is eBay, with its launch of a toy catalog and a pop-up storefront in New York City. All of the listed items also will be available at the retailer’s Toytopia site.

The eBay Toy Book will include a wide spectrum of toys, including both the hottest new releases of 2018 and classic playthings that now retail for thousands of dollars. The catalogue, which will be available both online and as a physical book, puts related toys side-by-side for comparison: for instance, a modern Bumblebee Transformer is displayed at $19.99 on the same page as a first-generation 1987 Transformer Set for $100,000.


Some of the advertised toys will be available at the Toytopia pop-up in Chelsea Market, which will run Nov. 16 to Nov. 20, 2018. The event will feature an interactive space where children can play with the top toys of the current season and a selection of options from years past, then vote on their favorites.

eBay’s move mirrors the holiday initiatives launched by Amazon, which has released a print catalog called “A Holiday of Play.” The retail giant will run its own pop-ups stores in Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Amsterdam from Nov. 16 through Nov. 26. However, Amazon’s pop-ups will carry a range of technology, fashion, household goods, fitness and beauty goods rather than focus on toys.



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