Cordial Integrates With 7 Partners To Personalize Retail Experiences

0aaCordialCordial, a marketing communications platform, has integrated with seven channel partners, including 250ok, Digioh, Liveclicker, LiveIntent, OneSpot, SparkPost and Urban Airship. Each integration is structured to provide Cordial clients such as REVOLVE, Shoes of Prey, SPY Optic and Teleflora with greater access and ability to create, scale and optimize personalized experiences across email and mobile.

Cordial personalizes messages across these channels using real-time behavioral data and machine learning. Here are the seven integration partners, and how Cordial clients can leverage their platforms:

  • 250ok gives Cordial clients access to a new integrated dashboard for insight and control of their marketing messages;

  • Digioh collects email addresses from web site visitors and triggers emails in real time. For each submission, Digioh pushes analytics and location data to Cordial;

  • Liveclicker uses real-time data designed to bridge the gap for Cordial clients between the time of send and the time of open, ensuring that the content is relevant at the time the customer chooses to open the message;

  • LiveIntent enables Cordial clients to send subscribers individually tailored messages, as well as personalized third-party offers;

  • OneSpot facilitates programmatically recommended customer content for brands, allowing Cordial users to place its recommendations into their email templates;

  • SparkPost empowers Cordial users to send and deliver personalized and targeted email messages globally; and

  • Urban Airship brings adaptive notifications and user-level mobile data to Cordial's platform, with bi-directional data sharing between platforms to support individualized cross-channel messaging.

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