Charming Charlie Selects Manthan ARC Merchandise Analytics

Fashion accessories retailer charming charlie is implementing ARC Merchandise Analytics, a real-time merchandise and performance insights application from Manthan, a retail business intelligence and analytics solutions provider. Using the solution, charming charlie plans to collect detailed data and insights into multiple areas of the business, including finance, merchandising, planning and store operations.

Charming charlie previously depended on manually managed spreadsheets to combine data across disparate systems. This time-consuming process prevented the IT team from seeing a real-time picture of the business, according to company sources.

 “We knew that it was time to adopt a solution to tie our various applications together in order to drive better business insights,” said Jay Nayak, Sr. Director of IT Applications at charming charlie. “Our team was looking for an analytics package that was quick to implement and offered our stakeholders the ability to access a single version of the truth anytime and anywhere.” 


The ARC Merchandise Analytics solution is designed to ensure standardization and consistency across business reporting. Since implementation, charming charlie merchandising and operations teams “can build their own dashboards and reporting views specific to their requirements without placing an IT request,” Nayak said. “Individuals can slice and dice data, perform rollups and drill-downs, filter by attributes and interact with views to drive down to real-time insights on the fly. It’s not a mere improvement to our previous reporting processes, it’s a complete transformation in how we analyze data.”

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