BeyondCurious And EpiServer Partner To Accelerate Personalization

BeyondCurious And EpiServer Partner To Accelerate Personalization

BeyondCurious, a digital consulting firm, and EpiServer, a platform that combines web content management and commerce, have partnered to launch a program designed to enhance retailers’ personalization efforts. The Personalization Accelerator program starts with a customer relationship management (CRM) business plan tailored to the individual retailer’s needs. This plan guides the second phase, the building of unique personalization software.

The implementation of the Personalization Accelerator follows BeyondCurious’ signature method of working — in a series of two-week “sprints” designed to get large, mature organizations acting and thinking like agile startups. The first sprint focuses on the customer journey and defines key cross-channel personalization user flows and business opportunities. The second sprint helps retailers build real-world prototypes for their web site and other digital channels. In the third sprint, BeyondCurious supports the retailer in the launch of beta programs and in measuring analytics, embedding a test-and-learn culture throughout the organization.

Through the collaboration, retailers will benefit from BeyondCurious’ “rapid insight-driven methodology and Episerver’s best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning technology as an integral part of an overall digital strategy and journey to customer centricity,” said Nikki Barua, CEO of BeyondCurious in a statement.

BeyondCurious already has experience in the retail space, most notably for its work with Sonos in the creation of the audio company’s first retail store in New York’s Soho, as described in a Cool Hunting interview with Whitney Walker, Sonos’ GM of Stores.

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