Oracle Buys Endeca Technologies

Today, Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Oracle announced the purchase of Endeca Technologies, Inc., a Cambridge, Mass.-based provider of unstructured data management, web commerce and business intelligence solutions.

This acquisition is a timely move for Oracle, as more companies realize the importance of collecting, consolidating and analyzing all data ― including unstructured data from sources such as social media sites.

Endeca provides a number of solutions and technologies, including the MDEX Engine, which enables enterprises to correlate and analyze unstructured data.


Commenting on the announcement, RSR analyst Paula Rosenblum told Retail TouchPoints: “It’s a strong combination. Clearly a shot across IBM’s bow. Retail-wise, Oracle has made some very powerful purchases over the past few years.”

One of Oracle’s recent purchases — ATG Commerce in November 2010 ― provides Oracle with enhanced cross-channel commerce capabilities, which is expected to combine effectively with Endeca’s customer experience platform called InFront.

The Endeca analytics platform, called Latitude, will work cohesively with Oracle’s Business Intelligence solution to bring together structured and unstructured data sources, Oracle reported in a press release.

“The combination of Oracle and Endeca is extremely compelling in this changing data environment,” said Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Oracle Development. “Together, we will provide best-in-class technology to manage structured and unstructured data together; business intelligence tools to analyze structured and unstructured data together; and a broad suite of packaged applications which extends the value of unstructured data into ERP, Supply Chain, CRM, EPM, Web Commerce, and specialized applications. This technology will also allow us to integrate more comprehensive unstructured data management into Oracle’s engineered systems.”

Bringing more than 600 customers into the partnership, “Endeca is recognized for its unique approach in hybrid search-analytical technology on diverse and changing information,” said Steve Papa, Chief Executive Officer, Endeca.

The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2011. Until that time, each company will continue to operate independently, Oracle reported.

Oracle customers and partners can find more information on the proposed acquisition by accessing the Oracle web site.

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