New Application Taps iPad For In-Store Experience Optimization


The latest consumer buzz has been centered on Apple’s iPad, which surpassed 1 million units sold just under a month after its release. And while the excitement is still in full-force nearly two months since it was unveiled, one retail solution provider is already preparing to empower retailers with the tools to bring the iPad’s buzz into their stores.

Escalate Retail recently announced the availability of its Clienteling solution on the iPad. The new application is designed to bring the potential of the iPad to life for the retail environment, as the device is well suited for in-store customer interactions fueled by Clienteling applications.

“[Imagine an in-store shopping trip where] your salesperson has access to the entire assortment — not only what they sell across the chain — but access to inventory, product information, reviews and details, all the things that today’s consumer really wants to know, and frankly, expects,” said David Bruno, Director of Marketing, Escalate Retail. “The Internet now makes that available in the store in a nice-sized device that’s easy for your salespeople to carry around. It really translates the richness of experience that consumers are used to online and puts it in every salesperson’s hands on a very highly interactive device, the iPad.”


While customers shop in the store, the application is designed to empower sales associates to escort shoppers throughout the store with real-time access to their complete history, preferences and recommendations. Escalate Clienteling on the iPad is designed to help retailers take advantage of the mobility and convenience inherent on the device to stay connected to their customer instead of leaving them to go to the POS station to access the information.

The application is ultimately a part of an overall CRM solution. “Clienteling is the salesperson’s window into the CRM tool, so everything that happens around that customer is available,” Bruno said. Store associates can access loyalty status, points and any customer communications (positive or negative) through the iPad application.


Bruno said there’s already been a great deal of interest among Escalate Retail clients, particularly in the apparel and home goods verticals, within in the first two weeks of launching the application.

The application is designed to foster more personalized in-store interactions between associates and customers. For example, if a customer enters an apparel store looking for new shirts and ties to match his suits, the application is designed to enable the associate to pull up the customer’s virtual closet via Escalate Clienteling on the iPad while they are on the sales floor to see the exact style and color of the suits the customer has already purchased from the store.  Additionally, the sales associate can view related and matching items the Clienteling application suggests – all without having to leave the customer’s side.



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