Natural Partners Achieves 76% Email Open Rate With Data-Driven Campaign

To produce more personalized offers and messages, companies are breaking down organizational silos and integrating cross-channel data into marketing platforms that offer a comprehensive, actionable profile for each customer.

Natural Partners, a wellness products wholesaler, is harnessing data-driven marketing tools and strategies to better connect with online customers and prospects. Since partnering with Knotice, a provider of data management, analytics and digital messaging solutions, Natural Partners has experienced a significant improvement in email open rates. For example, during a recent daily deal campaign, the company achieved a 76% open rate by leveraging targeted, relevant content and offers based on each customer’s unique preferences and information, according to Brittany Johnson, Marketing Manager at Natural Partners.

“We recognize that our clients no longer fit under one category or umbrella,” Johnson said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “They like different things and want to be spoken to differently. With this new technology, we are empowered to identify what our consumers want then communicate to them accordingly. In essence, it is a win for both our marketing team and our consumers.”


Mining Customer Data To Create More Compelling Campaigns

By leveraging on-demand technology for email marketing and the Universal Profile Management solution, both provided by Knotice, the Natural Partners marketing team is equipped with the tools to unite data from a variety of communication channels in real time. Comprehensive customer profiles then are created, which helps the company better understand target audiences, Johnson explained. In addition to creating more relevant marketing campaigns, Natural Partners also has maximized email cross-sell opportunities by including product links and other information based on consumers’ previous browsing/buying behaviors and item preferences.

“We’re operating in what has been called ‘The Age of the Customer,’” explained Patti Renner, Director of Marketing at Knotice. “It’s not about retailers and their marketing messages — it’s about giving customers what they need and engages them at the right moment, through their channel of choice.”

To achieve this customer-first approach, companies such as Natural Partners are tapping data such as click activity, search keywords, purchase history and page visits to tailor messages, Renner explained. With this abundance of information, marketers can better target and shorten the overall path to purchase. 

The Move From Cold Calling To Digital Engagement

As an online-only seller of natural supplements, Natural Partners offers more than 15,000 products from approximately 115 manufacturers exclusively to health care professionals.

Previously, the company heavily relied on traditional sales methods such as cold calling and in-person meetings. However, “with technology advancing rapidly, our wholesale clients now prefer faster, digital channels of communications,” Johnson explained. “In this new era, the cold call and office visit are dead.”

Today Natural Partners is laser-focused on further improving digital marketing strategies, and has seen “massive success” in email and social media, Johnson noted. “When we started experimenting with email marketing in 2009 via a weekly email blast, we found that conversions generated from the campaigns by far were out-numbering those coming from cold calls.”



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