4 Key App Marketing Objectives you Can Nail with Video Content

Thanks to its versatility and appeal, video content lies at the core of most inbound marketing campaigns nowadays. From boosting sales to increasing brand awareness and educating audiences about your app, video allows you to accomplish most marketing goals like no other type of media.

The problem is, with so many options out there, how can you know which kind of video would be the best fit for your app? Where to even begin?

Lucky for you, video marketing experts have been optimizing their content for a while now, matching high-performing types of videos to different — and crucial — marketing objectives you’ll need to get your app out there! 

So let’s take a closer look at some of these videos and how they can help you bring more people to download and try your app.


Increase Brand Trust and Awareness

Brand awareness is all about how you portray your company, products, and, in this case, your app to align with your prospects’ values and encourage them to trust what you have to offer. The more a potential customer likes you as a business and team, the more likely they will be interested in what you have to offer. 

Certain kinds of videos can help you convey your company’s mission and brand personality effectively and make a lasting impression on your audience that you can then capitalize on to further promote app downloads. Here are some of them:

Company culture videos.
These videos show your customers the human side of the business and the values you stand for. When prospects can see your employees working and enjoying what they do, they are more likely to feel comfortable enough to empathize with what you do. Give them a look behind the scenes and allow them to see beyond your app’s core functions to see your values and work ethic in action.


About Us videos.
With About Us videos, you should walk your audience through the origins of your app or business and show them what drives your work. These videos provide you with the opportunity to capture the life and spirit of key team members and have them share their stories with your viewers in a way that feels authentic and elevates your overall brand profile.


Boost Conversions and Sales

As you probably know already, video content gives you one of the most effective ways to promote your app because it can effectively reach your prospects via social media platforms, websites and other mobile apps, so your chances of making a sale or getting a download increase dramatically just by its inclusion in your strategy.

However, some types of videos are specifically designed to bring people closer to taking action and generating conversions. Let’s learn about some of them:

Commercials are the more traditional format of advertising your app with video, giving your audience a meaningful glimpse of what you’re offering. The idea behind commercials (or ads) is to pique your viewer’s interest and draw them in so they want to know more about what you offer. 

A memorable commercial will stick with the viewer, and even if they don’t get your app right away, they won’t soon forget it and will be much more likely to come back to you when they are ready.


Explainer videos.
Videos that leverage the explainer formula not only allow you to grab the viewer’s attention in a matter of seconds but also help you effectively and efficiently convey how your app works and what it can do for them. 

Through a compelling script built around storytelling, relatable characters and appealing animations, complex information becomes entertaining and easy to understand for the viewers.

With explainers, you can show your audience how your app can help them solve a particular problem they might have and why your company is the right one for the job.


Educate Audiences

You can share valuable information to help you build your app’s profile through educational videos so that you position your brand and product as a reference in your industry. This way, your company’s visibility will increase while boosting trust in what you offer. Here are some types of videos that excel at this goal:

How-to videos.
They’re one of the most popular types of videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram for a reason: audiences love them. So much so, in fact, that searches beginning with “how to” are among the most popular queries on Google!

The appeal of how-to videos lies in that they revolve around a clear and useful step-by-step explanation of the process of solving an actual problem using your app. They tend to be highly informative and showcase expertise while remaining simple enough for viewers to follow the instructions without issues.


FAQ videos.
You’re probably already familiar with FAQ pages, and you might even have one on your website — this section plays a critical role in how you communicate with your customers, after all. But did you know you can do a better job of it with video?

Like FAQ pages, FAQ videos address those repetitive questions you always get about your app. The difference lies in the fact that videos are easier to digest and offer more versatility. For example, you can create a series and have each video deal with questions from a different target group: prospective customers, new hires, business partners, vendors and so on.


Engage Your Potential Downloaders

People already spend a lot of their free time online watching videos, so you need to stand out from the crowd and direct their attention to your brand. What’s the best way to achieve this? By delivering exciting content or valuable information through entertaining videos like:

Video interviews and Q&As.
Interviews or Q&As are a great option when you want to connect with the audience of a chosen individual through a discussion of a particular subject. They also come in handy to engage your viewers by answering their burning questions.

You can sit down with virtually anyone your audience will be interested in, from a thought leader or a known actor to a team member. Interviews are highly shareable, especially on social media, where people are more likely to interact with your video in the form of likes and comments.


In Short

Video content offers plenty of possibilities when it comes to improving your app’s marketing campaign. This time, we’ve given you an overview of some of the most effective types of videos you can implement to achieve different marketing objectives. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to increase your sales or just boost engagement; there is a perfect kind of video waiting for you to produce it. Hopefully, this piece has given you enough inspiration to start planning your own video content for your business!

Victor Blasco is a digital marketing expert, Co-founder and CEO of the Explainer Video company Yum Yum Videos and Yum Yum Digital.

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